SMoKE 2010 Change Log

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6.3 (update):
– Fixed/updated some faces.
– Better quality emblems.
– Some in-game tweaks

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6.2 (update):
– Fixed player (German) caused QPR to crash when using this player.
– Updated kits (PAOK, South Korea, Cesena).
– Corrected some transfers.
– Updated teams (seattle sounders, LA Galaxy, …)
– Updated some faces.
– Some graphic tweaks.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6.1 (update):
– Fixed (Rapid Wien) not available in edit or exhibition mode.
– Updated more teams, including players stats and age and adding new players.
– Fixed Pantelic call name.
– Updated some kits
– Added/Updated some faces.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6 (Full and update):
- Reconstructed the patch system files to solve a lot of problems.
- Fixed the In-game editor, all teams are fully editable.
- Fixed bug causing game crash when registering a player to some teams.
- Updated transfers/added a lot of players.
- Fixed some players.
- Updated more kits.
- Updated more teams.
- Added new Faces.
- Revised Stats, price and age for many players.
- Fixed other important issues.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5.1 (update):
- Updated transfers/added a lot of players.
- Fixed some players hair.
- Added/fixed call names.
- Added new chants (Ajax, argentine, catania, PSV, england, fiorentina, genoa, germany, italy, lazio, italy, napoli, netherlands, roma, sampdoria, spain, udinese, barcelona, real madrid, chelsea, aston villa, everton, Man city).
- Updated some emblems.
- Updated more kits.
- Fixed red bulls Salzburg kits.
- Updated more teams.
- Added new Faces.
- Better quality national flags.
- New Boots Installed.
- Fixed bug with players changing to GK in ML mode (requires starting a new ML, BAL)
- Revised Stats, price and age for many players.
- Fixed scoreboard mixup in other languages.
- Added ability to edit emblems and names for all teams and clubs.
- Added extra files to give option of playing ML with other championship teams
(read the readme file included in -ML extra- folder)
- Small tweaks and fixes.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5.1 (update):
- Fixed Alvaro Pereira, made uruguay/porto crash.
- Replaced 2 europian players from super classic america team.
- Fixed bug with Tevez and sagna hair (other players too).
- Fixed 2 players faces in borussia dortmund.
- Fixed Lecce flag (was showing atlanta).
- Fixed/Added some faces. - Blackpool replaces Burnley in EPL.
- Updated more kits.
- Updated more teams.
- Added more call names.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5 (Full):
– added 2 teams: Super Classic America and Super Classic Europe
– added a lot of new players
– fixed commentary hang-ups and up-normality
– promoted teams replaces relegated in all leagues
– updated kits
– updated formations and startup 11
– higher quality surround SMoKE chants for 18 teams
– updated boots
– white numbers in scoreboard
– added a lot of missing call names (pato, bojan, fabregas, cannavaro, assulin, and many more)
– revised stats for some players
– updated world cup national teams starting 11 and formations with correct player numbers
– crash free version (not one crash so far)
– updated players personal data, age, wight, …
– updated some players price value
– updated transfers
– new Nike T90 Ascente balls
– updated kits

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.4.1 (update):
– Updated kits
– Updated some teams

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.4 (Full):
– Fixed/updated kits
– Corrected some players numbers
– Fixed some wrong player call names
– Fixed some players
– Fixed some crashes
– Updated some player stats
– Updated some transfers
– other small fixes

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.3.5 (Full and update):
– Added new game exe 1.5
– Fixed some kits
– Updated some kits (full version only)
– Fixed crash when choosing Lithuania, Red bull, Bate
– Fixed crash in ML mode when searching for player
– Fixed crash with training kits
– Fixed most errors with commentary
– Championship teams have Barclays sleeve badge (full version only)
– Fixed the in-game editor save

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.3.1 (update):
– Corrected some transfers.
– added missing GDB kits folder for ismaily, banik
– corrected GDB kits for Preston and Sheffield wednesday
– fixed etoile kits crash

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.3 (Full):
– Updated/corrected transfers
– Updated/corrected some faces
– Updated/corrected some kits
– Created missing kits for: Lovech, Fehervar
– New teams can be used in ML mode
– Removed double shakhar team from menu
– Fixed crashes when choosing some teams
– Fixed championship teams kits
– Fixed/added players call names
– Fixed (no string) Menus for French and spanish users
– Added special SMoKE chants for: Arsenal, Astonvilla, Everton, Fulham, Stock city, Portsmouth
– Added 3 National Teams: Macedonia, Palestine, Latvia
– Added 2 championship teams: Preston North End, Sheffield Wednesday
– Fixed wrong sleeve badge on kits
– New Special Scoreboard
– Some small fixes
– Optimized chants for better loading on low end PCs

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.2 (Full):
– Added New faces (all slots are used)
– Fixed the (no string) problem in menus
– Fixed some portuguese teams not shown inside the game
– Updated winter transfers
– Fixed some crashes when selecting some teams in exhibition mode

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.1 (Full):
– 16 Championship teams included by default
– Added Estudiantes de la plata
– Added Malta national team
– Fixed some teams having austria name and flag
– Fixed Master league Crash when loading
– Completed winter transfers
– Updated some national teams squads
– Updated some kits
– Added more faces

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.0 (Full):
– first release