SMoKE 2017 Installation


1. Be sure the game is installed and working
the first thing to do is installing the game, and start it to be sure that it is working properly.

2. Extract patch files 
download all parts and be sure all completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

3. Run Setup 9.2.exe
run the installer and choose PES installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and the installer finished successfully.

4. Download and install latest smoke update
always check for the newest update for the patch, latest update contains all previous updates so there is no need to install old versions for the patch.


1- You must use the edit file of this update, using older or other edit files might bug the game
2- Don't modify dpfilelist, use smoke extra cpk instead to add things (rename and replace)
3- For steam users start FL modes with OFFLINE mode

Step by step installation