Established in 2007, SMoKE patch is an optional addition to the awesome game Pro Evolution Soccer owned by Konami, the patch takes the game to another level of entertainment by adding more teams, stadiums, players, ext... along side the major updates and corrections needed in the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer is arguably one of the best football games in the world, the award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals.

After purchasing and installing PES series, most users would start to modify the game to make it as real as possible, others might want to create a certain team or league, PES has a lot of editing options that can be changed to fit everybody's taste. smoke patch edits the game so for the users, and offers a free updated version for all PES owners to use if they like to.

Smoke patch will impact the game even further, by replacing the fake leagues with germany bundesliga, japan J1 league and united stats master league soccer (MLS), with all these leagues having the current seasons kits, teams and squads.

Also adding +40 European teams, +20 Latin american teams, +9 Asian teams, 2 new classic teams and a number of new national teams (see full team list)

Other aspects this patch does is adding the maximum number of stadiums the game can handle (40), the stadiums included are developed by smoke patch, taking the base model of older versions of PES and recreate all the stadiums environment to be up to date with superb graphics, including high definition turfs, stadium ad-boards, special banners, billboards, choreography and more. (see full stadium list)

PES itself has a lot of options in the game like renaming the home stadiums, coaches and club rivalries which is a great addition to the game but most of the teams are left undone, smoke patch comes to fill in all these gaps and make the game more and more realistic.

Another important addition smoke patch delivers is many new players, with over 2000 players that aren’t in the game, most of them replacing the huge number of fake players included in the game, players added come with new teams created in the game to reach more than 14200 players in smoke patch, in addition to the real life faces for more than 2000 players.

Those are some of the benefits the smoke patch add to this wonderful game, there are many more new things like a lot of new boots, gloves, ...

Smoke patch is always improving, by listening to the fans suggestions and error reporting on our website or Facebook page, we try to fulfill all needs as much as possible, releasing constant updates for the patch with each version includes more enhancements (See full Change Log)