SMoKE Ball Pack V2

this is a new updated smoke patch ball pack, fixed some issues with the previous pack that is bundled with the latest versions.

the bundesliga balls wasn't showing in the ball select option, same thing with the new tribute ball for chaponense team that konami made is now usable and showing correctly. a new assignment database files was created, fixing some issues, now the Brasileiro have their correct ball. some textures enhancements were made to the balls.

please note that the smoke gloves pack is bundled with the ball pack, although no changes were done with the gloves.

the balls in this pack:

Adidas Errejota J-League
Adidas Conext15 J League Cup
Adidas MLS 2016 Nativo
Adidas Marhaba CAF
Adidas Conext15 matchball
Adidas Qualifier Fifa World Cup 2018
Adidas Qualifier UEFA Euro 2016
Adidas Brazuca FIFA World Cup 2014
Adidas Brazuca FIFA World Cup Final Rio
Adidas Cafusa FIFA Confederations Cup
Adidas Errejota FIFA World cup
Adidas Torfabrik
Adidas Torfabrik Winterball
Adidas Errejota Oficial Match Ball
Adidas Conext15 Liga NOS
Adidas Conext15 Winterball
Adidas Argentum AFA
Adidas UEFA Champions League Finale Milano
Adidas UEFA Champions League Finale Winterball
Adidas UEFA Champions League Finale 16
Adidas UEFA Champions League Finale Cardiff
Adidas UEFA Europa League
Adidas UEFA Super Cup
Adidas Pro Ligue 1
Nike Ordem 2 Cachaña ANFP
Nike Ordem 3 CSF
Nike Ordem 4
Nike Ordem 4 LFP Hi-Vis
Nike Ordem 3 CBF
Nike Ordem 4 LFP
Nike Ordem 3 AFC
Nike Ordem 4 Ordemciento Copa America 2016
Nike Ordem 2 AFC Asian Cup
Nike Ordem 4 EPL
Nike Ordem 4 EPL Hi-Vis
Nike Ordem 4 Pink FA Cup
Nike Ordem 3 Community Shield
Nike Ordem 4 Serie A
Nike Ordem 4 Serie A Hi-Vis
Mitre Delta Hyperseam Sky Bet Football League
Mitre Delta Hyperseam Fluo Sky Bet Football League
Mitre Delta V12S Sky Bet Football League Playoff
Mitre Delta Hyperseam Capital One Cup
Derbystar Brillant APS Eredivisie
Puma evoPower 2.1 Match Serie B
Uhlsport Ligue 2 Official Ball
PES vs SMoKE 2017
SMoKE 10th Anniversary Ball

Installation for smoke patch:
- extract (009_smkdb_ba.cpk) from the rar archive (smoke ball pack v2.rar)
- copy and replace the file (009_smkdb_ba.cpk) to the game download folder
just replace the old file with new, nothing else required.

Installation for other patch:
if you want to use this with a patch or with other patch, ask makers if there is specific method they use for adding CPK files.

this ball pack is fully compatible with all smoke patch versions
since we use the same ID for balls as konami, this ball pack should be compatible with all patches, but we only test our work with smoke patch only.

click, wait 5 seconds then skip.

- the total number of active balls is 50.
- always install as instructed, other methods might give you errors.


  1. good.
    but im waiting for
    - No mini-face add-on

    1. still not working, when i find a reasonable way then it will be released

    2. Hello.
      Please add in the next update patch these tattoos?

  2. When we change player boot we lost his picture in game plan ?! Why ?!

    1. cpy issue, original game doesn't do that
      we dont edit the exe

    2. Yes i have not an original game .. thank's bro =)

  3. Replies
    1. I love your patch very much but please give tattoos add on...

    2. Give tattoo pack please...

  4. Your patch is number one in the world thank you very much

  5. Hello.
    Please add in the next update patch these tattoos?

  6. African national teams kits, roster, faces update please!!!

  7. Hi.
    Thank you very much!
    Balls 46 and 47 are the same...
    Please fix it.

  8. can u guys please add tattoo pack

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    1. please new ball pack saison 2017/2018