General Notes

Thanks everyone for encouraging the patch at least morally to continue, it is not an easy task, it consumes a lot of time and money just to keep the patch alive.

we want to to comment on some issues:

About comments:
We read almost all the comments, me or another volunteers note any serious comments and reply if needed, however, SPAMS are automatically deleted, we don't reply or even read any spams, so be careful not to be flagged as spam, also use polite words, and preferably in English.
a lot of comments are ignored because it is mentioned in the description, we spend a lot of time explaining and mentioning important notes so take some time and read the post before installing to find the answers you are looking for.

Updates or full versions:
If possible, we always prefer to make updates instead of full version, however it is better most of the time to make all in one version to be sure no mistakes happens, because no matter how its explained or easy it is to install the patch, a lot just don't want to read the instructions or notes.

Crash in master league
This is a subject we talked a lot about, we always test master league and be a legend modes and we do not crash in all the tests, the reason for this crash is unpredictable simply because it depends on what you add to the patch.
for example, adding faces does not affect the patch in anyway (except if the face file have a problem), also adding kits is usually OK, but for example adding boots can easily crash the patch for the simple reason is that most boots pack is made for the default game players, and in smoke patch there are thousands of additional players, the boot-packs contains bootlist file that associate the boots to players, but then the new players will have bugs because they are not included in the boot-pack, same goes to tattoos and stadiums and other stuff, so unless the pack is made to be compatible with smoke patch it will make bugs, that is why we make our own files in the patch although we do not update everything all the time.
Brief, we cannot prevent you from adding things to the patch, but we cannot help you if you crash due to your additions.
For clean master league, install the patch and update then start new master without changing the patch files, we test on this settings only

Patch finance
This patch is not funded by any parts, in fact, we are paying from our pockets, we make about 100$ from ads, but the cost is more than 300$, that is -200 per month, fans donations is exactly 56$ in ten years.. so its safe to say that we make this patch for the fans not for the money, because we do not make any from patching.

Fans requests:
Although we do not take any requests of any kind, but we listen to the fans and study the possibilities, it is impossible to satisfy everybody, and it is impossible to add everything to the patch, everything have limits, we do as much as we can to make the patch as good as it can be.

Konami Data Packs and updates:
whenever konami release a new data pack we include in the patch at soon as we can, we are committed to include the latest update that is always compatible with the new game version, however it is not the patch responsibility to include the EXE of konami, steam updates it automatically, if you are not using steam you might have to find the EXE on your own.

World Cup special
the world cup is around the corner, the next versions of the patch will focus on that, creating a lot of national teams, update the national kits and update the squads when the official call-up lists are announced, the new versions will be full (all in one) for both games (pes 2017 - pes 2018)
this version will be compatible with all game versions and copies.


  1. i respect your work.thus i respect smoke.
    therefore i dont even add tattoos pack.

  2. thanks a lot for your patch. but i can make a suggestion for you? add a bootpack recently for versions 17, if its possible. congrats.

  3. uds son los mejores tranquilos, sigan con esta grandioso trabajo es el mejor parche.

  4. Nice work Dido_Smoke.. A lot of respect to you..

    For the next update, I suggested to you to add this National Team:

    1- Kosovo
    2- Luxembourg

    1- Krygyzstan
    2- Tajikistan
    3- Myanmar
    4- Hong Kong
    5- Chinese Taipei

    1- Cape Verde
    2- Congo

    Thank you for your consideration on this suggestion

  5. The patch is wonderful, keep up the spectacular work.

  6. keep it up this good work friend. we always with you . best patch for PES.

  7. Gran Trabajo, felicitaciones

  8. Can someone explain to me how this works ? Cause after i installed and run the exe the game becomes normal.

    1. what version?
      if it is the X18 then what you should do is download and install the X17, then do the same with the X18 and finally add the X19 update.

    2. Mine is pes 17. So when I installed the 9.7.2c pack the whole game becomes default. Could you explain that ?

    3. I have not played the PES17 for a long time but remember that for version 9.7.2 to work, you must have previously installed version 9.7. It happened to me the same as you, and to remember the solution was that at the time of installation I asked if it is a version of Steam or "pirate", if it is not this then it must be the crack or an executable (exe) that they include it in the folder where the game was installed. That is, you must use that new exe instead of using the one that brings you by default (I only used the pirated version of the PES).

  9. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. We love you for this.

  10. Hey, Dido. Thanks for the AWESUM patch - but i've got some questions.
    1. Bugged Leeds kits.
    2. I've downloaded Brewster and H. Wilson faces, renamed them as SMK_Extra1 and SMK_Extra2, copy-pasted into Download folder - but they still got default faces - can you explain and help on that?

  11. Respect Dido... you just keep doing your job ... You know how ... so you're the best ... Thank you brother :-)

  12. heu guys , thnks for ur great patch i use only smoke always ,, when will you release the next version ?

  13. Excellent job smoke, the only thing that I ask you to review is the AFC champions league, in master league, does not let play the phase after the groups that is to say lets only play the first 3 matches, this leads to no team champion and therefore it does not let participate in the club world cup.

  14. Thanks a lot, awesome patch

  15. Your patch is unique, man.

    As I said, if I need I'm here.

  16. Dido! Please Added League Switcher (example Russian Premier League, MLS/Major League Soccer, Liga MX, J1 League And Many More...) in Next Version x20 for 2018 & 9.8 for 2017 as Debut 9.4 for 2017 Patch!

  17. Please make normal faces in classical players

  18. no one can near to what dido has done... SPECTACULAR!!!

  19. Hey Dido, excellent work, best patch for PES :) I have some questions:

    - Will it ever be possible to add national anthems for all available national teams? I know that there is one guy who made it possible, his name is Predator002. Maybye he will give a permisson?

    - Is there any chance for stadiums for Pes 2018? In future of course :)

    - Is there any chance for more leagues without switcher? Or is it hard-coded to break?

    Thank You Smoke Team, keep up the great work

  20. Excellent work i will waithing for this patch....very very good work...and pls fix the crush this is an importantly problem on the patch and PES!

  21. in champions leagues always problem of the referee shoulders is invsible. and the stadium of Allianz Bayern Munich There is a problem when choosing the stadium in the Champions League Cup when entering the game the stadium changes to Konami by default

  22. great job and great efforts brothers


  23. This great patch, the crash is due to the facepacks, then friends of SMoKE Patch PES 2017 should upload a facepack with tattoos that is compatible with the patch please, your patch is very good, it is the best in terms of updates and number of templates, but some fans we look at the visual part of the patch and at least I would like to have players with updated rotos and tattoos, please friends do it for those of us who love this PES 2017 patch. Congratulations the SMoKE Patch PES 2017 is the best of all.


  24. Nice work Dido_Smoke.. A lot of respect to you..

    For the next update, I suggested to you to add this National Team:

    Europe:--(to Achieved 48 team in UEFA zone)
    1- Luxembourg (currently ranked 85th in FIFA) (Ranked 38th in UEFA zone)
    2- Kosovo (currently ranked 152th in FIFA) (Ranked 50th in UEFA zone)

    Asia:--(to Achieved 32 team in AFC zone)
    1- Krygyzstan (currently ranked 75th in FIFA) (Ranked 7th in AFC zone)
    2- Tajikistan (currently ranked 118th in FIFA) (Ranked 22th in AFC zone)
    3- Chinese Taipei (currently ranked 121th in FIFA) (Ranked 23th in AFC zone)
    4- Myanmar (currently ranked 135th in FIFA) (Ranked 27th in AFC zone)
    5- Hong Kong (currently ranked 142th in FIFA) (Ranked 28th in AFC zone)

    Africa:--(to Achieved 24 team in CAF zone)
    1- Cape Verde (currently ranked 58th in FIFA) (Ranked 10th in CAF zone)
    2- Congo (currently ranked 91th in FIFA) (Ranked 19th in CAF zone)

    North America:--(to Achieved 10 team in CONCACAF zone)
    1- El Salvador (currently ranked 85th in FIFA) (Ranked 9th in CONCACAF zone)
    2- Haiti (currently ranked 108th in FIFA) (Ranked 11th in CONCACAF zone)

    Oceania:--(to Achieved 2 team in OFC zone)
    1- Fiji (currently ranked 165th in FIFA) (Ranked 6th in OFC zone)

    Thank you for your consideration on this suggestion

  25. when will you add DATA PACK 4 ?

  26. Excellent job bro! Keep this beautiful art!
    May i ask you, in ML when a retired player reappeared/reborn. is it possible to make the retired player in ML reappear as different/random player. As example when buffon reappear it was a different name and face but has the ability of buffon. Thanks a lot

  27. i think you need to put african teams to fix the ML. just suggest..

  28. salut les gars je suis nouveau ds la communaute. j'ai directement commencé ms installations avec le patch pes2017 update 9.7.0 et j'ai ensuite installé le update 9.7.1 maintenant je suis sur le pt d'installer le nouveau update 9.7.2 et j'aimerais demander à vous mes amis qui st des anciens sur le site, si je n'ai rien raté comme par exemple les tableaux chrono/score plus reels qui s'adapteront automatiquement ds les championnats, chaque coupe, la montrée geographique des stades avt les debuts de matchs et une camera de jeu speciale qui ressemble a celle utilisée reelement ds les matchs.
    je tiens a remercier le personnel qui travaille le patch sans cesse avc pour but, notre loisir et à continuer d'avantage.
    j'espere que vous me donnerai une attention particuliere et me repondrai. J'attend votre aide les amis.

  29. Hey Guys
    Konami Just Update PES 18 A Day Or Two Ago And Now The Patch Isn't Compatible

    Could You Please Release A Quick Fix For It ??

  30. You are a God DIDO, can't wait for the Kenya National Team on the world cup patch.