Announcement: P2019 New Stadiums

pes 2019 stadiums smoke patch

a new stadium pack will be included in the next version for p2019 smoke patch version 10.0.2, we will add 6 new stadiums all with their correct ID, the total number of stadium available in the patch will be 49 stadium models.

we are creating and converting 6 stadiums to be included in the next version, the stadiums converted from p2018 and adapted the ad-boards to be also in the next update.

Stadiums to be added:

1- Signal Iduna Park
stadium of Borussia Dortmund (Germany), the team will also be added alongside all Bundesliga teams, this stadium is directly converted from 2018.
Stadium ID: st051.

2- Wanda Metropolitano:
located in Spain, home of atletico madrid, this is the new stadium that was added in 2018, converted and adapted for 2019.
Stadium ID: st056

3- Allianz Stadium
the new stadium of juventus FC, we used the model from 2018 and adapted the model with a whole new textures to work best with 2019.
Stadium ID: st022

4- Allianz Arena
the famous German stadium, home of Bayern Munich that is already added to the patch, is adapted from 2018 and will be ready in the new update.
Stadium ID: st011

5- Old Trafford:
one of the most famous English stadiums, the biggest club stadium in Great Britain and second biggest stadium in Great Britain, home of Manchester United will be also converted and adapted from 2018 to 2019.
Stadium ID: st007

6- The Ultimate Stage:
this fictional stadium was first added in 2018, it is the stadium we all know by watching any champions league game, the anthem video stadium, it is now possible to play with this stadium in 2019.
Stadium ID: st057


  1. Good news, keep up the great work

  2. Thank you very much for your work, do you guys plan to add more stadiums? and can also add more faces of bundesliga players?

  3. guys you know you are the best?

  4. Good news Dido. Another great work. You are simply the BEST!
    Thank You Very Much!

  5. Son compatible los estadios? Porque tienen un gran cambio en diseño y gráficos entre PES 18 y PES 19 aun así los felicito por el trabajo y dedicación que lo ponen

  6. Los parches execo an marcado un cambio muy grande en calidad gráfica textura y muy completos en ligas me encantaría mucho como argentino que hagan la liga de segunda división Argentina.

  7. santiago bernabeu please

  8. Santiago Bernabeu and Stamford Bridge, please... Of course, and original addboards, more national teams, international clubs... All like in last Execo 18 in Execo 19... Please!
    Thank you very much!

  9. can we expect update for 2018 ? bro~

  10. Hi Didi bro,

    Please, in new PES 2019 Smoke Patch EXECO 19 11.0.2 input: KONAMI PES 2019 Data Pack 2.0 with complete Chinese and Thai footbal league, Monaco Stad de Louis II stadium... Thank you! We are wait for you're new PES Smoke patch!

  11. Does it work whith EVO Switcher? Are the stadiums included in the sider.ini already? Because I have them already loaded through sider. Thanks

  12. Hello I was wondering when is next patch coming up?
    I want to use smokepatch for data pack 2.0 but there is not update yet..

  13. Thanks for all your job about patches!And we very waiting Patch EXECO 19 11.0.2 with data pack 2.0. Please uploud today :)

  14. Dido_SMoKE please update the AFF National Team players, and Add Timor Leste & Laos to PES 2017