Announcement: P2019 smoke patch in progress

We have started working on the new patch for pes 2019, we usually start a bit late with the game, after konami releases their initial DLC files and proper live updates, so we can base our system files on new versions of the game, to avoid doubling the work.

the first release of this patch will have the most important features , most notably:

- real names and logo for all teams:
we always licence all the teams in the patch, same will be this year and all teams will have correct names.

- real names for all players:
all players will have correct names instead of the fake ones, also all players will have their correct ID instead of the fake ID they have in the game.

- real kits for all teams:
all unlicensed teams will have real kits with correct attributes and team colors.

- real balls:
this version will include our  most recent balls.

- real league names and emblems:
all the leagues will have their correct names, emblems, balls and other attributes.

- real boots and gloves:
real boots and real gloves will be available in the first edition. we will use the maximum slots available in the game.

- konami data packs:
the latest database released will be included

other features we usually add will be included in later versions, the first release will be light so it will not take a lot of time to be ready to release, in later versions we will add more and more features most notably:

- add more real faces
- add more teams and nationals
- add more players
- add chants
- add anthems
- add stadiums
- add ad-boards
- add menu theme
- and other details

more info will be available about the patch and its progress, we will make various polls and questions to have the fans opinion on matters not decided like which teams to add or where to shift our focus in the future.

first release is expect to be released before the end of October, the date will be confirmed as soon as its clear.


  1. quanto tempo ficara pronto o patch ?

  2. great guys , thanks so much for making our pes really better !!!!

  3. Please help to fix competition badge position on Arsenal's home kit! Thank you!

  4. For example, if the PES 2019 patch is already created, can we download and play, or should the game first download the patch and then the patch?

  5. El parche funcionara para online o solo offline?

  6. Looking forward to the patch, keep up the good work!

  7. Please do something with the UEFA champions league make it get back with mods please

  8. Can't wait for this. Nobody is putting out quick license patches this year. We have to wait for so long. No wonder FIFA outsells PES every year.

  9. You should be grateful that these people spend their time making patches every year for pes. free. and not criticize them.
    and if there are patches from the first day for pc. in other pages. although I still remain with the great work of pes smoke. Thank you

  10. can I publish your wonderful patches on another very famous site?

  11. Hi Dido.
    after I installed the new update
    the problem is with the player created
    In ML shows me the name Original Player
    In Settings - Edited Player I can not find the player
    is deleted ?


  12. I would like you to extract the UEFA Champions League from PES 2018 and port it to PES 2019. Theoretically, it seems like it is possible, but I do not know where the file is.

  13. I'm waiting Smokepatch !!!
    But PLEASE... let us the possibility to change 1 or 2 leagues.
    I would like to play with classics teams (make a Classic Champions league) with your patch, so much.

  14. We need Partizan Belgrade real fans chant, last year was horrible...

  15. Please add Partizan new kits :-) tnx

  16. а патч на какой пес устанавливать, если 2019 то где игру можно скачать