P2019 - Only game stadiums pack

PES 2019 - Konami stadiums

Alternative stadium pack for pes 2019

this is an alternative stadium pack for execo19, works on any patch 19 versions, in this pack we included only the stadiums made by konami.

Whats the difference with the stadiums included in smoke patch 11.0.5?

- removed the 3 stadiums made by Durandil, this stadiums are (allianz arena, allianz stadium, old trafford)
- all the stadiums are added as they are made by konami, either from pes 19 default, pes 19 DLC or pes 2018, no changes made with the stadium files. (added as they are)
- stadiums total number is 50 instead of 53

Whats the similarities with the patch stadiums?

- this pack also includes the full ad-boards as in the default patch stadiums
- all the stadiums are available in both exhibition and edit mode

Stadiums added:

- Estádio Palestra Itália - from DLC3
- De Kuip - from DLC3
- Stade Louis II - from DLC2
- eFootball.Pro Arena - from PES 2018
- The Ultimate Stage - from PES 2018
- Wanda Metropolitano - from PES 2018
- Signal Iduna Park - from PES 2018

- extract (04_smkdb_std.cpk) from the rar parts
- copy and replace in the download folder of the game

Official Links:
(mirrors contains same files)

This addon will be removed soon, in preparation for stadium server addon

part 1
part 2
part 3


  1. If you install these stadiums, then the stadium of FC Juventus will disappear or become worse quality than now at 11.05?

    1. It’s pretty clear in the description, the 3 stadiums not made by Konami are removed

  2. I am very sorry for my questions! Will the FC Fiorentina Stadium be fixed? Now the stadium is designed as an inter milan stadium. These stadiums are not installed.

  3. Replies
    1. it not important its optional, some people complained about some stadium not made by konami so we removed them as explained

    2. thanks again smoke... i would like to know when the score board changer is coming

    3. Always people complaining: they get a big patch with all the stuff updated and working, FOR FREE, and still they complain about three extra stadiums they don't want to see.

  4. Does that mean there will be no old trafford or it is replaced by old trfford made by konami?

    1. Konami did not make Old Trafford because Manchester United is not a licenced team.

  5. Thank you Smoke team that's exactly what i wanted.

  6. Hello! Why all stadium grass pattern are same! I choose different stadium but all are same. How to fix?

  7. When will the Italian Series B be added

  8. We need San Paolo stadium. Pls make it happen

  9. thanks for this! i don't like new added stadiums so this is perfect.

  10. Please Fam, can you find The Santiago Bernabéu? it's only the home for the biggest football club in history. It breaks my heart not having it on my favorite game.
    Thanks for the quality of your patches!

  11. thanks admin for plans update execo 17 im waiting many thanks thanks

  12. awesome job and add sulley muntari's face too