New to smoke patch?


hello and welcome to the smoke patch family, we are a small group of game fans, anybody who participates in the patch or simply using the patch is considered part of the team.

please read these notes:

1- Install the patch over a fresh installation of the game

2- be sure to have the latest version installed correctly
currently: (full patch 11.0.5 + update 11.0.8 - small fix)
all available on the website

3- be sure to get the patch from our official links only (that is how you contribute to the patch and make sure you have verified patch files)

4- you cannot continue a save mode started without the smoke patch.

5- if you change the patch files using generators, be sure to read THIS and THIS

6- if you face problems, reinstall the patch and its updates and check again to be sure it is from the patch or from something you added, if you still have problems then contact support by email.

7- almost all the info you need is here at the website, surf around to know and see more information available to you.

please be respectful to the patch and the fans, and help each other if you had a problem and saw someone facing the same issue.

welcome and enjoy,