EXECO17 full theme for SP17

EXECO theme

EXECO17 full theme for SmokePatch17

after many friendly requests, here is the full EXECO17 theme for SmokePatch17.

- EXECO17 graphics for menu and modes backgrounds
- EXECO17 Startscreen
- EXECO17 replay logo
- EXECO17 skipable intro video
- simple bein scoreboard

- extract and replace (SMK_Addtheme.cpk) in the game DL folder

size: 40mb

- this will replace any existing startscreen previously installed.
- sider scoreboards will show instead of bein if sider is active.
- sider replay maybe show instead of execo replay if sider is active.- for music used in execo get from alternative music addons


  1. Hi Admin, I'm one of your big fan and still playing EXECO 17. Can you please build update for EXECO 17?? I appreciate if you build it thank you.

    1. we cannot update all games, only new patches can be update with our database

    2. I'm also a big fan of the patch execo and will continue playing it due to the Master League, and by having more national teams and South American teams. There are some bugs like players' heads that do not appear, shirt numbers that do not appear (eg, Argentinian goalkeeper uniform and some Chinese teams), all Young Boys white uniforms, some deformed faces (Cruyff in the Fireblast Classics team) and the Erendivisie ball that is the Smoke ball and that it is not possible to change in the game. It would be interesting a tutotial or the provision of tools to help fans make basic modifications like these.

  2. Version 19.02 with version 17.02, which version is the latest version, and which one must first or different?

    1. 19.02 is for pes 19 and 17.02 is for pes 17

  3. Thanks bro smoke patch is the best at all you can adjust MSL to start 2018/2019 season

    1. it bettre to adjust it with 2020 season cause this one almost done

  4. excellent patch smoke just like the old 9 5 please update transfers especially galatasaray