SmokePatch plans

thanks to friends and fans for the support and wishes in the time of family crisis, It is much appreciated, thanks to SP team for preparing all the necessary content for the new versions.

It was planned to have new versions in the middle of august, but we are behind schedule, we are resuming and here is a glimpse of what to come in the near future:


SP team will resume the patch series to include the new game, and as many knows we do not work on demo game, when the game is officially released we will start analyzing the system, graphics and database, then we work on the first release that is usually have limited features, more info about this will be provided after purchasing the full game.

Coming Early September:

SP17.1.0 (full version)
SP18.1.0 (full version)
SP19.1.1 (undecided)

Coming Mid September:

Player rating update (database stats):
The current stats of the database are still the same, when we acquire the new updated stats from database pes2020, we will create a script and update the patch database, so around the middle of September there will be small updates for all three games, this updates will also include any missing transfers or small errors if found.

Addons to be updated:
- SP17 leagues
- SP17 stadium server
- SP17 stadium pack
- sp19 stadium server