SP20 - DLC3 compatibility with smokepatch

SP20 - DLC3

Not needed for version 20.0.2 or newer

the new DLC 3.0 with exe 1.3 was released this morning, as expected this will make the patch incompatible and the game will run without the patch.
please read the information below

integrating the new DLC to smokepatch usually takes some days, meanwhile, we prepare a temporary fix so the patch will run on the new version, the new contents will be integrated by the time we release the new SP update, usually it takes between 4 to 8 days to complete, depending on the changes in the database

Installation of temporary fix:

- download and extract (sp20dp3tempfix)
- copy and replace (DpFileList.bin) and (08_smkdb_ctr.cpk) to the game download folder
- copy and replace (EDIT00000000) inside the save folder of the game (documents)

- the dpfilelist switcher for online play will not work after this, will include an updated switcher in the upcoming update v.20.0.2
- this fix will not be removed when the new update is installed (will be included in the update)


  1. Be sure to not use MSI afterburner at the same time. That's why it crashed for me ! work well.

  2. Congratulations on your patch. I would like to highlight some anomalies found in the BKT Series created by you, I suggest you leave the original Konami one, as in your kit there are errors. good luck

  3. Good afternoon
    very good work. but I have a problem. because I don't get the ads from the champions league and the anthem, the ones that come with the game come out. the equipment and templates are fine but nothing that I achieve about the anthem and the announcements, neither the markers, please help

    1. hello, these come as sider addons, they are not ready.