PES2020 - DLC7 Compatibility Package 2

sp20 DLC7 Compatibility

DLC7 compatibility files 2
for smokepatch20 version 20.2.5

- EURO2020 mode works now

this is compatibility files to make SP20 work with the new game version released earlier this morning. a new patch version is in progress to fully integrate the new contents (stadiums, cinematic, ...) after the new dlc files are all analysed and properly merged.

this package contains the following:

this is the package that contains DLC7 compatibility files

this is the original smokepatch file list.

this is the edit file of patch 20.2.5 compatible with DLC7

SP20 switcher.exe
this is updated switcher to deactivate the patch for online play.

* be sure you have full patch 20.2.3 and update 20.2.5 before apply this fix

1. copy and replace (08_smkdb_ctr.cpk) and (DpFileList.bin) in the download folder of the game, should be something like: x\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download

2. copy and replace (EDIT00000000) in the save folder of the game, should be something like:
Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\#yoursteamid#\save

this step is optional:
3. copy (SP20 switcher.exe) in the game download folder to replace the old switcher.

Important Notes:

- we assume that the patch files and list file are correct and not altered, changing or editing the dpfilelist of the patch can cause problems.

- this is made for new patch version 20.2.5, using this compatibility files with older versions might cause unpredictable problems

Official Download Links:

* not needed anymore, get latest patch version