this is a general notice about the smokepatch release dates,

smokepatch is a free product that we create in our free time to play a better game and share it with our friends, this means that we do not have a fixed date, we release contents when we believe they are ready, not a moment before, in this new database that we have been working on constantly for a month now, we made more than 2500 transfers and still not finished.

there is no use in keep asking about when, it will not make us leave our lives to work on it, we understand that our users are getting larger every year, and the patch is extremely hard to maintain without funding, we are making the impossible to keep the patch alive while there are users who are impolite about their requests or comments, that is not acceptable to us.

if anyone thinks that we are not fast enough for them then please try other patches that are faster to your taste, we do not compare our selves with anyone and we will not work under anybody's conditions, we are perfectly happy to share our work with hundreds of our old fans rather than thousand who don't know how hard it is to accomplish our work

the new patch sp21.3.0 is still under construction, and it will take at least a week to be ready after testing, so again, be patient or please don't wait and use the older patch version that is very playable or find other patches if you cannot wait.

PS: thanks to everybody who appreciates the hard work we are making for 11 years, we did not stop because of your support.