SP21 - Asia teams Expansion

Asian pes21

Asia/Africa expansion for smokepatch21 (PES21)
compatible with version 21.3.5
released: 30.May.2021

* SP Expansions are retired and no longer supported

What is expansion:
the expansions are made for the gamers who would like to create teams and leagues that are not present in the patch, adding editable teams and players instead of the pre-determined leagues in the patch

What does it do:
- add 18 new fully editable teams in other Asian teams with editable free players
- possible to export and import the edited teams into future patch versions

What can the users create or edit?
- team name
- team colors
- team kits (can also be added using kitserver addon)
- team settings
- game plan and tactics
- stadium model, name, and settings
- rivalries and banners
- all the players of the team
- team names cannot be changed they are already done

How to install the expansion:
- be sure to install smokepatch21 version 21.3.5
- copy (09_smkdb_exp.cpk) in the download folder
- copy (EDIT00000000) in the save file

How to edit the teams and players:
- open the game and go to edit
- do any edits
- exit the edit menu

How to share a team made with others:
- in the game editor, select the export team menu
- export the team or teams
- find the (ted file) located in the (WEPES folder) in documents game folder
- send this file to pessmokepatch@gmail.com and we will share it here with your name.

- we will monitor user interactions to decide whether to keep this expansion compatible in the future.
- never reset the competition structure, that will cause bugs.
- if you want to report something concerning the expansion please give details.
- users can share the teams they made with others on this website to collaborate making the full league.
- if a group wants to create the whole league we can help to accomplish that, contact by email.
- please do not share with us any contents that you did not create or own.

Asian editable teams
(18 teams)

Teams: NEW TEAM 9000 = ID 9000 and so on
Managers: NEW COACH 90000  = ID 90000 and so on
Players: PLAYER 90000 = ID 90000 and so on

+ Download Links

for version 21.3.5 (default) repacked

for version 21.3.4 (default) repacked

extra editable teams


  1. Teams from asian are in classic team group!

  2. Does it mean that we can finally import for example African clubs in the editable team group ??

    1. the teams added by the expansions are fully editable.

  3. Hi Team SP, When I install an expansion, I loose created and edited players.
    There is no other way to install it without loosing my creation?

    Otherwise we really appreciate your works.

    1. hello
      you can export the teams you edited before installing the expansion, then import them after install the expansion files

  4. can you guys please, update this one for the 21.3.6 version

  5. This is for PC or ps4 ?thank you

  6. maybe it will be made for pes 2017?

  7. hello. is this expansion, merge asia and africa to 1 league or something?

  8. Irá funcionar com a versão 21.3.7?