SP21 - Classic teams Expansion

Classic teams pes21

Classics expansion for smokepatch21 (PES21)
compatible with version 21.3.5
released: 30.May.2021

* SP Expansions are retired and no longer supported

* unlock legends addon is not compatible and must be removed, a special add-on will be made for this expansion.

What is expansion:
the expansions are made for the gamers who would like to create teams and leagues that are not present in the patch, adding editable teams and players instead of the pre-determined leagues in the patch

What does it do:
- add 18 new fully editable teams in classic teams with editable free players
- possible to export and import the edited teams into future patch versions

What can the users create or edit?
- team name
- team colors
- team kits (can also be added using kitserver addon)
- team settings
- game plan and tactics
- stadium model, name, and settings
- rivalries and banners
- all the players of the team
- team names cannot be changed they are already done

How to install the expansion:
- be sure to install smokepatch21 version 21.3.5
- copy (09_smkdb_exp.cpk) in the download folder
- copy (EDIT00000000) in the save file

How to edit the teams and players:
- open the game and go to edit
- do any edits
- exit the edit menu

How to share a team made with others:
- in the game editor, select the export team menu
- export the team or teams
- find the (ted file) located in the (WEPES folder) in documents game folder
- send this file to pessmokepatch@gmail.com and we will share it here with your name.

- we will monitor user interactions to decide whether to keep this expansion compatible in the future.
- never reset the competition structure, that will cause bugs.
- if you want to report something concerning the expansion please give details.
- users can share the teams they made with others on this website to collaborate making the full league.
- if a group wants to create the whole league we can help to accomplish that, contact by email.
- please do not share with us any contents that you did not create or own.

Editable classic teams
(18 teams)

Teams: NEW TEAM 9000 = ID 9000 and so on
Managers: NEW COACH 90000  = ID 90000 and so on
Players: PLAYER 90000 = ID 90000 and so on

+ Download Links

for version 21.3.5 (default)

for version 21.3.4 (default) repacked

extra editable teams


  1. thanks for the release! I'm not sure if I well understood how it works: does it come already with 18 classic teams included? And if not, what's the best way to fill it properly? thanks!

    1. Hello, Expansions adds editable teams for users who like to create classic teams, please read about expansions above

    2. Thanks Smoke, I tried to install the patch by replacing 09 cpk and the edit file, but I still se the 8 usual classic teams. Am I doing something wrong? And you're planning to share new classic teams in the future? Thanks!

    3. hello, get the repacked 16-may, it will show all the new teams with the classic teams, be sure not to use unlock legends, expansions are for the users, if someone edit the new teams and like to share then we will share it with others

    4. Thanks! Hopefully someone will share some great extra team like 50's all stars etc, Hungary 1954 etc...that would be amazing!


  3. WHERE IS "other American teams"

  4. Hello
    New Classic teams are in classic teams category
    Be sure you are not using unlock legends addon, it’s not compatible with expansions

  5. how can i search player and team id to edit?

  6. Thank you very much for your work

  7. Hi guys. I just downloaded the Classic teams Expansion but in the edit menu I see created teams on other european teams and classic teams. Can you just check that please?

  8. Please! Sider for Copa America 2021 & UEFA Euro 2021


  10. Hi, can you do something similar to PES2017? I love create classic teams, but in your pes17 patch I can not edit teams. It will be wonderful if you allow edit the teams of one league. Thanks anyway for your work

  11. Como eliminar los equipos de EEUU no los quiero

  12. Hi, I'm reporting an issue hoping you may give advice.

    Under SP 21.3.4 I started to create and rearrange classic teams New Team 90xx.
    I did also move a few existing classic players from predefined classic teams (eg. Fireblast, Wildcats, etc) to some of the new teams I created.

    In meantime I installed SP 21.3.5, including option file.

    When importing the ted files of the new teams I exported before, the import fails for some of the teams, because teams contain players that can't be imported.

    The reason I figured out is that before exporting teams, I should move back the classic players to their original teams, so that rhe ted files I'm reimporting contain only new created players (eg. not players from Wildcats, etc) am I right?

    Anyway, I'm able to get all my players back in 21.3.5 by using the option file of 21.3.4

    1. hello,
      best import the teams in the updated expansion (coming soon)
      due to new game version the expansions must be upgraded too

  13. is this already with newest reface pack??

  14. Hi, I updated classic teams to 21.3.5 amd everything works fine, except for one small thing.
    For sake of balance I wish to move some of existing players (eg. Maradona) in one of my new created teams and keep all teams with 20 players max.
    No issue doing that, but when I export/import teams after every update, the import will fail if any of the new teams contains at least one of "original" players previously moved, or even if I simply import one of "original" teams (eg. Powerball with only 20 players). That means at every update I must move all "original" players back to his "original" team, export/import the new teams, and then rearranging teams again.

    I know those teams are set with a "no overwrite" flag, but can you tell me how to unset it, so I can just import/export any classic team regardless if Powerball or New team 90xx?


  15. can you edit the faces of the players please <3

  16. when pes 2020 dude...?

  17. Is this can use in DLC7 ?

  18. dears amazing work , i have both World Cup OF ready with real faces for WC 1994 USA , France 1998 , can you add them in ? i need 32 teams slots for WC 98 and 24 teams for USA 1994, can you tell me how can we use this expansion for each WC ?

  19. please do this for patch 21.3.5 dlc7

  20. phiên bản này có thể dùng cho smk 21.3.6 ?

  21. please do this for patch 21.3.6

  22. Hello! Great job! Is it possible to have only editable teams in the Classic group? Thanks: VT

  23. Will you guys update this expansion with the newest release? Thank you

  24. version 21.3.6 please

  25. Elias Cantone9/8/21 12:53 PM

    Hello, I am here to report an issue. Whenever I try to load a png file to replace the default kit of a classic team, the jersey comes out all white as if the png file was not recognized. Do you know how I could fix this?

    1. Elias Cantone9/8/21 12:59 PM

      Update : this problem does not occur with a hird or fourth kit, but I would love to see the home and away kit working

    2. I have the same problem for Home, Away and Goalkeeper kit. Can anybody help with this problem? Or update the expansions with the new patch versions?

    3. I have the same issue here and I can't find an answer to fix that. Please someone who knows reply!!!