SP20 - Sider Scoreboards

SP20 - Sider Scoreboards

Scoreboard server R3 (sider version)
Release 3 (14.jan.2020)

* added Colombian league and cup
* updated many replays
* added more graphics details

This is sider version, you must install the SIDER SP20 so you can install this addon

SP20/SP19 Sider CL/EL Kitserver

Sider CL/EL Kitserver

SmokePatch kitserver R4 (SP20 + SP19)
Release 4 (14.jan.2020)

* added more CL/EL kits for more teams (see list below)
* added (respect) badge
* fixed all reported bugs
* fixed settings and configuration (sp19)

Sider SP20 - Cinematic (Trophies and Entrances)

Sider SP - Trophies

Trophy and Entrances server (sider version)

This is sider version, you must install the latest version of SIDER SP20 so you can install this addon

SP17 - fix kits for update 17.1.6

recently we have released a new kits to smokepatch17, converted from sp20 and included in the last update 17.1.6
some teams are missing the kits as reported by the users, we have prepared a small fix that will correct some kits and add kits for the following teams:

PES2017 SmokePatch17 (17.1.6)

SmokePatch17 for pes17 PC
version 17.1.6 (23.dec.2019)

update 17.1.6 changes: details
- updated a lot of kits
- activate and added CL kits for many teams
- updated sp17 ball pack
- updated emblems and logos
- fix duplicated team in Asian league (fixed the leagues structure)
- replaced, updated more than 150 faces to fix (real eyes mod)
- includes fixes from previous updates
- this update needs at least full patch SP17.1.0 or newer

please read the release before using smokepatch.