- unlock legends addon for sp20.2.7
added new compatible version of this addon to unlock classic players in master league
using older version of this addon will work, but some features might not be active.
available at the addon page

- edit file (20.2.7) for goal chants addon
to have all the goal songs work in this addon with new patch 20.2.6 use the updated addon edit file, cannot use older edit file for this addon, using the default edit file of the patch will work, but teams with stadium in stadium server (if used) will not have goal songs active
available at the addon page

- edit file (20.2.7) for loaned players in master league
this option is available if you like the loaned players to go back to their teams when starting master league, now compatible with the new patch.
available at the addon page

- Adboards R2 available
based in the previous release, the new release have new euro 2020 adbnoards included, compatible with the new datapack, also corrected some adboards link MLS, video animated adboards are not updated.
available at the addon page

* other addons will be upgraded soon.


- Sider SP17 Cinematic R2
this is a revised version of the trophy server, updated some elements for compatibility with scoreboard server r3
available at the addon page

- Sider SP17 Scoreboards R3
we have reviewed some issues reported, corrected some bugs and updated some replay logos from new game versions
available at the addon page