Announcement - Smoke patch world cup special

The world cup is around the corner, there will be a new patch and it is being developed, this version will have a lot of national teams added to the patch, the basic patch will be made for pes 2018, then it will be adapted for pes 2017 normally a week after the first release of this edition.

PES 2018 Smoke UPDATE X19

Smoke update 10.1.9 is for smoke patch 10.1.8, this is update only and it will not work without the full patch X18, please read the information before updating, below are the notes for this update.

Main Changes:
- added 8 new clubs (see full team list)
- added 3 new national teams (see full team list)
- updated squads
- updated CSL
- added a lot of youth players
- fixed some kits
- various enhancements

X19 compatibility with non-steam

pes 2018 Data pack 4 for steam

This is a fix for others to make the patch compatible with the latest version of the game, do not apply for steam because it will have no effect on steam version.


this is a compatibility fix only, non of the faces or kits from the new DP4 are applied, next version of the patch will include them all.

About crashing in master league (pes 2017)


I am aware of many fans complaining about crash going to next season with patch 2017, however I personally tested master league with the patch and never crashed once for four sometimes five seasons, so there is nothing to be fixed as far as what the tests tells me.

Possible causes for this crash:

Smoke Patch Plans

pes 2018 (X19) and pes 2017 (9.7.2) smoke patch:

we have started working on new updates for both versions, we are adding teams gradually to avoid any major issues or stability issues, also in every update we correct or enhance a lot of aspects in the game