PES 2018 - X20 Scoreboard Switcher

We have build a scoreboard switcher for PES 2018 smoke patch X20 world cup edition, we edited them for best performance and quality, we will make more scoreboards options in the future.

PES 2017 update 9.8.1

we have released this update to correct some important issues, this includes all fast fixes previously made for patch 9.8.0 mostly following the fans valid reports

Smoke software discussion

this post is to share general issues for both versions (2017-2018), talking about some issues raised by some users and how we can solve them

PES 2017 - Scoreboard Switcher

This is an updated version of the previous scoreboard switcher we made for pes 2017, the scoreboards are not all tested but we fixed the reported issues we received on the last version.

UPDATED (25-5-2018)

General Notes

Thanks everyone for encouraging the patch at least morally to continue, it is not an easy task, it consumes a lot of time and money just to keep the patch alive.

we want to to comment on some issues: