PES2010 SmokePatch10

SmokePatch10 (for PES10 PC)
version 2.6.0 (4.sep.2010)
update 2.6.1 (14.sept.2010)
update 2.6.2 (24.sept.2010)
update 2.6.3 (09.oct.2010)


- A lot of new clubs and national teams with correct kits.
- Promoted teams added to all championships for the new season 2010-2011
- World cup teams are all updated
- Correct Champions league teams.
- New HD emblems and flags.
- Championship addon included.
- Added Bundesliga (all Eredivisie teams still in the game).
- 236 overall Clubs, 102 overall national teams. (338)
- New faces, balls, boots, stadiums, replay, scoreboard...
- SMoKE special Chants for most teams.
- GDB correct kits for all teams.
- Most teams' formation and starting lineups are up to date.
- Most national teams are updated according to the latest national matches.
- Hundreds of new players.
- Revised player stats (SMoKE special rating system).
- No duplicated players or names including ML hidden players.
- Correct names for everything.
- And much much more...

* English language is required for full comparability and for the use of new stuff like call names. (highly recommend)

* Starting new saves is recommended.


1. Decompress the file (extract only one part, all parts will be extracted in the same place)

2. Copy (PES2010_EDIT01.bin) from the save folder in the patch to the SAVE folder of the game, which should be (C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\save), replace the old file if it asks.

3. Backup then Replace (pes2010.exe) and (settings.exe) with the ones from the patch.

4. Copy the kitserver folder in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 installation folder, should be: (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010), then open the kitserver folder and run manager.exe then click attach, then close.


- Directories are the ones by default installation, if you have changed the defaults use your directories.
- Do not update the game after installing the patch.

+ Download Links

Full patch 2.6.0
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

download and install all three updates

Update 2.6.1:
Update 2.6.2:
Update 2.6.3:


  1. i have played!!!! great!!! congratz dido...thank u very2 much...

    great job..! best patch eva..

    happy ramadhan..

  2. Thanks Dido! Awesome patch! Eid Mubarak!!! Salam.

  3. Hi dido, the links still aren't up yet. By any chance it will be up really soon?

  4. hi, can u make the konami cup in ML
    will against the club from south america ...plzz

  5. why can't we use 3rd, 4th, etc kits?

    nice job man, keep up on the good work :))

  6. wonderful patch dido! thanks

  7. Hi, 1st of all many many thanks for these patch but i wnat to know that is this was a FUll.. Update Patch. coz in ur patch file was more than 1GB but here it was below than 900MB so, reply me ..

    Raazes Gopalee

  8. dido... im using full english commentary already... pls check when "klose" was called other name and "clichy" also. the rest of the player at arsenal and bayern munich is OK. i'm not sure other teams.. pls check.. i pretty sure didn't use other language. double confirm with me. thanks :Þ

  9. any idea when you will make the 2011 patch, havent really played it yet as it needs your magic touch.

  10. Hey Smoke !! When are you making a patch for PES 2011 !! We really need it buddy

    Thanks in advance !

  11. dido...please...really need update for pes 2009...plzzzzzz...update option file also can...plzzzzz...

  12. dido.. stop make 2.6.? patch.. i found out really alot player names is not correct called by commentator. u really need check it out.. what happen? how i wont occur same thing at pes2011.. i love ur work.. sry 4 my language!

  13. dido.. correct name "clichy" but commentator called wrong.. u know what i am trying to said?? it called "Z-ker" and still a lot player have same problem.. but i think u should concentrate at pes2011.. lastly, at least u update till 2.7 to make wonderful ending.. thanks a lot dido.. u're the MAN!

  14. DIdo your patch is the best i ever seen, PLEASE make the 2011 patch. i really need. THANKS

  15. tottenham team... pls edit the position between AMC and CF cos it become opposite.. error shown..

  16. dude, it's high time for 2011

  17. "SMoKE patch, for PES 2009, 2010 and soon 1011. for PC"
    just telling you about the typo. :D

  18. pes 2011 patch please... great patch u made for pes 2010 the best

  19. Dido, pes 2011 need ur work man ,we all waiting for the first 2011 patch ,so plz tell us when are u going to make it???....

  20. waiting here for pes 2011 patch... :)

  21. waiting for your patch... nice work on pes 2010... tnx...

  22. waiting for it,anyway nice work on pes 2010, hopefully this time it will work will official dlc... tnx

  23. you've done a great job for pes 2010, can u make me a favor can u add philippine team here are the details i'll be happy if you can do this... football is a growing sport here in the philippines... thanks in advavance

  24. dido can you make only squad update for your patch 2010 cuz alot of people still playing 2010 and your patch is the best one out there we need only squad update for 2010 2011 spring season thanks for all

  25. Thanks m8 for your fantastic work on PES 2010!

    However, are you going to release other updates for the game or this was the last update?

  26. Well friend, I like to thank you very much on the nice patch. Good job! :-)

    I am one of the people that still play PES 2010 - I really hate the new version -. So, I was looking forward that you release a new update for the new transfers/players in 2011 :3

    A minor bug by the way, in A. C. Millan, Alexander Pato "Striker" has half his face - the back side with his hair - disappeared. You can see this while playing, but strangly not when lining up for the match or during goal celebration. He appears normally everywhere else. And yes, I'm using the latest update and followed the faq.

    Can't wait for your newest patch for pes 2010!


  27. Also, you may consider lowering "injury incidence" possibility a little. I mean not every slide tackle from the opposition that's ruled as a foul should result in an injury for the player. :-)

    Thanks again!

  28. HI, Thank you very much for the Patches. They are great! Are you planing to continue updating the PES 2010 or you stopped making any updates for 2010

  29. hey guys,when will pes 2010 smoke patch 2.7 release and is there any way i can get fifa 10 commentary in pes 2010

  30. hi..great work smoke for 2.6..but are u in the making of update (2011/2012) for pes 2010? Can u do it? I am also one of the people that still play PES 2010..because my PC cannot play PES 2011 bcause its graphic is too high! and also i prefer more to play PES 2010..So please make an update for PES 2010 please..thank you..i really appreciate it.. :)

  31. Could you give us some updated for PES2010? :(

  32. admin...please update this patch 2012/2013..please

  33. great patch please update this patch 18-19 or 19-20

  34. I want this patch but same season,not new 2010 2011 season