Sider SP20

Sider SP20 v2
for SmokePatch20
version 2 (14.jan.202)

* updated dll version 6.2.5
* added common libraries
* updated sider configuration ini

Sider is a tool made by (juce), allows more things to be injected directly into the game such as more stadiums or automatic scorecards or others, bypassing game limits.

the sider is organized and configured to work with smokepatch and SP addons, we created installer for easy install without confusion, the sider folder will be installed inside the game folder (select the game folder in the installer)

- sider version is 6.2.5
- works on all p2020 versions.

- extract the installer and run Sider SP20 installer
- select pes 2020 directory then finish
- run Sider SP20 to start the game (shortcut on desktop)

official smokepatch free links

- if you get (MSVCR110.dll) error then install Microsoft Visual C++

Sider SP20 addons:

Stadiums R2
kitserver CL/EL R4
Scoreboards R3
Cinematic (trophies and entrances)

Disable/enable the gamepad console:
pressing RT+LT on the gamepad will show the sider console, if you want to disable this:

- open (gamepad.ini) from the sider folder

- Enabled:
gamepad.dinput.enabled = 1
gamepad.xinput.enabled = 1

- Disabled:
gamepad.dinput.enabled = 0
gamepad.xinput.enabled = 0

- save file and restart sider sp20


if you want to deactivate a stadium from the sider:
- open (map_teams.txt) with notepad (Sider SP20\content\stadium-server)
- find the line of the stadium you dont want and put # at the start of the line


Anfield active:
103, 004, Anfield, Anfield

Anfield not active:
#103, 004, Anfield, Anfield


(settings file inside sider folder, open with notepad)

Game Auto-Run
when you start the sider sp20, it will automatically start the game, you can disable this feature, open sider.ini and look for the following line, then change as showed below:

Auto-run Enabled = "steam://rungameid/996470"

Auto-run Disabled
; = "steam://rungameid/996470"

Controller side select:

Free select on = 1

Free select off = 0


  1. Finally!!! Thank you so very much Smoke for the hard efforts! Keep uo the good work.
    Waiting for the scoreboards...

  2. Hello! I start the sider and then when i start the game, the sider is closing. Any ideas?

  3. i have this values :
    gamepad.dinput.enabled = 1
    gamepad.xinput.enabled = 1
    but the console didn't show when i press rt+lt