Sider SP19 - Cinematics (Trophies and Entrances)

Sider SP - Trophies

Trophies and Entrances server (sider version) for SmokePatch19
Release 2 (9.may.2019)

This is sider version, you must install the SIDER SP19 so you can install this addon

Sider Trophy and Cinematic

this is the sider addon for trophies and cinematic for smokepatch, this will make all compositions have their correct trophy and adds entrances to most leagues is smokepatch.


Trophies in server:
- Brasileiro
- Bundesliga
- Campeonato Scotiabank
- Community Shield
- Copa Argentina
- Copa Chile
- Copa del Rey
- Coppa Italia
- Coupe de France
- DFB Pokal
- DFL Supercup
- Fa Cup
- FIFA World Cup
- LaLiga
- Ligue 1
- Ligue 2
- Premier League
- Serie A
- Super Lig
- Supercopa Argentina
- Supercopa de Espana
- Supercoppa Italiana
- Superliga Argentina
- Trophee des Champions
- UEFA Champions League
- UEFA Europa League
- UEFA Super Cup

- be sure you have the latest Sider SP19
- extract the installer from the archive
- run (SP19 - Cinematics R2.exe) and select the game folder (sider SP19 should be installed there)

* to uninstall or deactivate sider addons read HERE

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Release 2 (9.may.2019)
size 50 MB


  1. Thanks for great job,please creat anthem for UCL,if you can,thank you!

  2. you are the best ..thank you

  3. you are the best , respect

  4. We kindly request once again to duplicate how to install. In the folder PES2019 or in the folder Sider SP19 did not quite understand the description. Thanks!

    1. select the game folder in the installer as mentioned

    2. thanks for the answer, i didnt understand it too xd

  5. Fantastic patch !!!
    Just install Trophy installer in the Pro Evolution Soccer folder?
    In the Sider folder it tells me "impossible" .. unknown folder ...

    1. install sider sp19 first then install sider addons

  6. a mighty fine piece of work,a truly fantastic looking game now.. thanks

  7. Hi! You have problem with RPL Russian league, after the tunel, when player on field (like listen the anthem) we have freeze the scene (adboards are crazy in background and players are freeze) everything is freeze, not showing starting line up, nothing more all block, before starting line up graphics... But if you click on enter the game start normal... This is problem for all Russian teams.
    And for Copa Libertadores , scoreboard not working,....

    1. If I complete remove entrance for RPL directory from sider, then I have AFC Chammpions league entrancefor Russian league and work normal with starting line up but all graphics in that way is from AFC Champions league

    2. hello,
      you can deactivate RPL from the (SP19Entrance.lua) by romiving this lines:
      elseif tid == 116 then
      entry = 16
      SP19Entrance = "RPL"

      will review it and fix when possible

    3. Thank you very much for quick answer!!! Best patch ever!!!

  8. Hello , i have some problem here , the master league went uefa champion league start there jersey dont have name on it just have number on tshirt.

    1. be sure you have updated addons

    2. How to update addons

    3. if you use cl kitserver addon then get a newer version of cl kitserver,,,

  9. I saw the same problem with all teams, on exhibition mode, LaLiga, Bundesliga. I tested with Milan, Celtic, Zenit etc and after the tunnel when player on field, all the scene is freezed and nothing happens

  10. It is great, I hope I can make the America's Cup and the World Cup trophy, likewise this super

  11. Fantastic patch thank you 😊

  12. SP has made my game much more realistic. I almost cried when I saw the Santiago Bernabeu. I became a donor and I will feature your work on my Youtube channel. I won't mention the channel as I do not want to be seen as advertising. If asked then I will provide. Thanks for your work!

  13. really smokepatch is the best,good job