PES2012 SmokePatch12 Black

SmokePatch12 4.8 pes12

SmokePatch12 BLACK (for PES12 PC)
version 4.8.0 (26.aug.2012)
update 4.8.2 (25.sep.2012)


- includes the latest Konami data pack (DLC 4.0/EXE 1.06)
- unlocked all extra with max GP points
- disabled blur

- correct leagues names
- Bundesliga replaces fake Konami league
- correct emblems and league patches
- more Libertadores teams available in all modes
- complete real second division teams replace fake teams choices:
(nPower, Liga Adelante, 2.nd Bundesliga, Serie B, Ligue 2, Eerste Divisie, Liga Orangina)
- Complete 32 champions league teams
- correct leagues balls

- added 27 new clubs (all available in ML mode)
- added 12 new national teams (cannot be used in BAL mode)
- Added new teams for Copa Libertadores 2012
- correct kits in GDB format
- correct logo
- correct and updated squads
- correct map locations (including all 2D teams)
- second division teams are completely modifiable
- correct team ranking ML and BAL
- all teams have correct home stadium names
- national teams squads for EURO 2012

- revised stats for most players (SMoKE rating system)
- more than 1000 real faces
(+850 in face-server, 150 in cv0c.img)
- added more than 2000 new players
- correct personal attributes
- removed duplicated and fake players

- correct names for all stadiums
- added 3 stadiums (Etihad Stadium, Stamford Bridge, Anfield Stadium) with correct preview
- add 20 various stadiums with game stadium editor
- all teams have correct stadium names
- new HD turfs
- new enhanced ad-boards
- new enhanced banners

- 11 scoreboard styles to choose from.
- added and updated all boots (removed fake Konami boots)
- added and updated all balls (49 balls)
- includes latest kitserver files
- updated referee kits
- correct trophies and cups
- real sponsors with logos
- new graphics
- a lot of small enhancements

1. extract installer files
2. run (Setup 4.8.exe) and follow all steps
3. download and install the latest smoke update 4.8.2

* do not update from Konami, the patch include the latest official updates
* running the game as admin might be required
* starting new saves is highly recommended due to new system files and stuff

+ Download Links

Full version 4.8.0 (1.2 GB)
part 1
part 2
part 3

Update 5.3 (150 MB)

National flags fix:
* extract and replace the file in:
(...\kitserver\SMoKE_BLACK 48\img\dt0f.img)


  1. smokepatch :)

  2. smoke patch :)

  3. Hello Smoke, how are you... Ok, I read you saying that will be backwards compatible with BAL, so also will be fully compatible with FL (Master League) right..? Im in 3rd season + transfer window now... Loved your patch and I will advertise it.

  4. amaizing... Thanks for Adding Indonesian Team.. This Patch Damn good!

  5. I had the latest Gold pack then i install the Black version...I had the same stupid problems:Inccorect kits,names etc....
    I solve this with deleting the Gold version and the game then,reinstall Pes 2012 and install the Black patch and running perfect LIKE A GLOVE :)
    from Macedonia :)
    Next time please add FK Vardar :)

    i have a question: why does the libertadores 2012 have the same teams as the 2011, I would like to play it with this year teams. Can you fix this??

  7. I love this site and the patch so much.........

  8. thanks alot man ..

  9. hi...nice patch..great job.. i wanna ask sumthing...y icannot install 2d leaguage and scoreboard?? it says no gold edition... i hve download gold 1st??..tthnx

  10. Hello SMoke, great work, the patch is awsome!

    I just want you to ask if you can correct one problem. There are no any PES GP point to unlock extra content, so if you can fix than. Thank you very much!

  11. Smoke turns out as usual your wright.

    i had written about the missing pes.exe file, it WAS the anti virus that eliminated it, i overlooked it and just kept going.. all is well now.. so i am going on to see this gr8 patch

  12. great patch! realy2 nice... i hve one u chnge malaysia jersey t the real one kit? and the name for malaysian player not correct...u can see wiki for more information about malaysian team name...hope u can chnge...i really excited when u put malaysia team..:)

  13. Message 'smoke patch 4.6 not found' installing 4.7.2 update, so installation doesn't continue.

  14. Sorry, problem solved. I forgot uninstall 4.6 before.
    Awesome patch thanks

  15. is just the best patch to PES ever.

    Thanks for all who are part of this.

  16. tq *malaysia*

  17. hi, i'm an italian user of your patch, the best ever on pc.. i had the gold patch and i got the black patch with its update.. but whe i try to start ML i find both of languages, italian and english, mixed on screen without any sense.. can you help me?? or will i have to uninstall the patch?? thanks and sorry for my bad english :P

  18. Man, I always love all your works! This one is not an exception... I love it! However, there's a minor problem in it, Smoke. If you see Juventus' short, you put on its numbers with yellow instead of black as the original. I guess that's all i can say. Great work, dude!

  19. I love the patch, it its amazing but one problem i see is d Newcastle's 1st team kit. Should b black n white stripe, can u fix it please

  20. Perfect patch!!Can you fix the 2011-2012 season olympiakos kits??these are from 2010-2011 season.Thank you!

  21. Hi r u? please fix the indonesian national team face. it's fake. i hope on 4.7.3 it will refix. thx

  22. legalizeganja11/6/12 7:47 PM

    hey smoke can u please add europa league in next version, u can leave 2012 libertadores , that would be much better , so please if u can do that

  23. this is awesome there any chance that kicking power can be modded more?using jengkey gametool superb on freekick

  24. Singapore National Team inside it would be nice. If that could be possible.

  25. Erm, Dido i have a problem in installing the patch, it said the patch is not fully installed because of : d3dx9_26.dll contains invalid data, so what do i do?

  26. Can I update the game to 4.7.3 without any previous patches? I cant find 4.7.0 or 4.7.2 here... thanks

  27. can you add barcelona B and Real madrid castellon

  28. is nic powell @ manu in this update?

  29. thanks man!

  30. You ar best pacher on the world

  31. ACTION GAMER28/6/12 5:52 PM

    thank you smoke ur patch is great
    but i dont see all-stars Team

    did you make all-star team or can u make in next update please

  32. ACTION GAMER28/6/12 7:40 PM

    thnx smoke you did great job

    but i dont see All-Stars Team on ur patch !
    did you make it on ur patch ?
    if you dont please for next update make all-stars team


  33. ACTION GAMER2/7/12 8:38 PM

    Smoke please for next update make some extra teams All starts around world & all fifa starts

    please !

  34. i heve a problem: after installing pes smoke patch black the game won't recognize my video card. i have a laptop with optimus tehnology. can anybody help me??
    P.S: the other patches worked perfectly

  35. Hi Smoke
    I really like your patches 'cos it's the best.. great job.. but can u pls update the African teams squads: some of the players are no longer in their teams, b'cos they've been replaced with new stars.. especially Ghana, Cameroun, Cote D'Ivoire etc.. If possible pls update d faces of d Zambia team players- most of them are fake.. Thanx...
    Ras Blade frm Ghana

  36. thanks ...
    saya download sobat ... ^_^

  37. GREAAATTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Plz make dreamteam, world allstars, europe allstars,africa allstars,south america alstars, asia allstars, classic.allstars, bundesliga allstars, epl allstars, laliga allstars,serie a allstars... plz plz plz plz!!!!

  39. I agree with the last comment as well. The patch is fantastic and credit to you for your hard work. I have also found that some stadiums were missing from the current patch, such as Stamford Bridge.

  40. Thanks for this great patch..

  41. The best patch ever! I'm a great fan.

    Now, I'm waiting by the PES 2013 patch with brazilian leagues (First and Second division).

    The new has created a great possibility to you make the most perfect patch ever, with all main leagues of the world.

    Thank you and keep making this fantastic work to us.