What is smokepatch?

SmokePatch is a modification for PES created by a group of friends, gamers, and football fans. It's all about making the game better, from player rosters and teams to gameplay and graphics.

The name comes from "Smoke's Patch," with "Smoke" being a nickname for Fadi (aka dido, a Palestinian-Jordanian designer born in 1978), the creator behind it all.

Modifying PES has been a hobby of mine for quite a while. It all began when my friends and I used to play with custom teams back in 2006 when I was studying design in ISBAT Tunisia. We wanted a more personal touch and realism to our gaming experience, so we began editing our teams, this was the starting point that sparked my interest in game editing. Over time, I learned the ins and outs of editing, I gradually gained the ability to edit or recreate nearly every aspect of a game. This journey of exploration and learning ultimately led me to develop SmokePatch and Football Life.

Funding for SmokePatch: Your Support and Advertisements

User support and advertisements serve as the primary sources of income for SmokePatch content. Each contribution and the decision to disable adblockers play a crucial role in sustaining our ability to create and share content with all users, without any charges. 

what we look for in a football game:

- Career Mode:
A career mode like Master League that lets us build our football dreams. Managing a team, making decisions, and seeing our strategies play out is a big part of the appeal.

- Realistic and Varied Gameplay:
A gameplay that strikes a balance between authenticity and entertainment. and a tough legend difficulty mode adds a real challenge for those who want it.

- Updated Teams and Stats:
A wide range of clubs and national teams from around the world is a must. Keeping rosters and stats current adds to the game's authenticity.

- Fresh Graphics and Atmosphere: 
Regular updates to music, themes, and the overall look of the game keep things exciting. We want a game that feels new every now and then.

In short, our idea of a football game that has a career mode, realistic yet enjoyable gameplay, diverse teams, and a visually appealing environment that gets a regular boost of freshness. It's about capturing the excitement of football in a way that keeps us engaged and eager to play.

what is Football Life?

SP Football Life is an experimental project that aims to continue the legacy of career modes found in the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series. In contrast to the new gaming trends focusing on online gaming and pay-to-win style, SP Football Life focuses on the continuation of the traditional career modes and gameplay.

This is a free undertaking driven by the passion for PES's career modes, implementing customized content and revamped assets to offer players a fresh experience. SP Football Life doesn't support online connectivity or provide access to PES's online features or modes

football life is a term that is used to describe PES career modes, which include two main career mode options: Master League and Become a Legend.

Master League: 
This is a managerial career mode where you take control of a football club. You manage the team's finances, transfers, tactics, and overall development. The goal is to lead your chosen team to success by winning domestic and international competitions. You make decisions that affect the team's performance on and off the pitch, which adds a strategic dimension to the game.

Become a Legend:
In this mode (be a legend in FL), you create and control a single player, starting from a youth player and working your way up to becoming a football superstar. You control only your chosen player during matches and make decisions that impact their career, such as choosing clubs and improving skills.

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