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Tutorial - Install SP Football Life

Step-by-step installation tutorial:

this is a detailed installation tutorial, aided with visual pictures to make it clear for a correct installation without any problems.

1. download SP football life archive parts
2. extract all the installer files from the archive
3. run the installer as an administrator
4. start the game from the desktop shortcut or (FL_2023 start.exe)

* virus-free files (possible false positive with antivirus).
* check for and install any available updates.
* the sider will start automatically with the game and will close after exiting the game.

1. download the archive parts

Download all patch archive parts from the patch website links only, other links are not supported.
The archive files contain the installer and can be deleted after completing the extraction.

smokepatch links

football life installer archive parts
the installer is archived in multiple parts


2. Extract the installer files

using a recent version of WinRAR or similar software, extract part one as shown in the picture, all parts will be extracted automatically, and a new folder (SPFL23) will appear, inside it is the installer
be sure the parts are downloaded correctly without interruption to avoid corruption or extraction errors.

Extract the installer files and folders
right click and extract using the WinRAR app


3. Run the Installer:

after all the parts are extracted successfully, inside the newly extracted folder SPFL23, run (SPFL2#_setup.exe) as an administrator, be sure nothing interrupts the installation process, it can take a long time to finish depending on the system.

* do not install football life in a folder that contains another game, select a new empty folder.
* do not run the installer from inside WinRAR, extract first as shown in the image below.

installer launch
extract all installer files then run the installer

spfl installer
Inside the extracted folder (SPFL23) run setup

football life installer
press next

folder directory
select a new empty folder

installer completed
click Exit to finish


4. Start Football Life

after the installation is completed, start football life from (FL_2023 start.exe) inside the game folder
the sider will start automatically with the game and will close after exiting the game.

FL_2023 start.exe: for all GEN CPU
FL_2023 start 12G.exe: only for intel i5 12500/13500

Football life start
sp football life


To uninstall football life
uninstall from control panel programs like any other software, or run (Uninstall FL23.exe), and then delete the sider folder manually.