Sider SP20 - Cinematic (Trophies and Entrances)

Sider SP - Trophies

Trophy and Entrances server (sider version)

This is sider version, you must install the latest version of SIDER SP20 so you can install this addon

Sider Cinematic

this is the sider addon for trophies and cinematic for smokepatch, this add a lot of graphic additions to the patch, we covered many leagues in the server, some have trophies, some have entrances and other have both.

Cinematic added in server for:
- Brasileiro
- Bundesliga
- Campeonato Scotiabank
- Community Shield
- Copa America
- Copa Argentina
- Copa Chile
- Copa del Rey
- Copa Libertadores
- Coppa Italia
- Coupe de France
- DFB Pokal
- DFL Supercup
- FA Cup
- FIFA World Cup
- LaLiga
- Ligue 1
- Premier League
- Serie A
- Super Lig
- Supercopa Argentina
- Supercopa de Espana
- Supercoppa Italiana
- Superliga Argentina
- Trophee des Champions
- UEFA Champions League
- UEFA Europa League
- UEFA Super Cup

- be sure you have the latest Sider SP20
- extract the installer from archive
- run (Sider SP20 - Entrances.exe) and select the game folder (sider SP20 should be installed there)

* contents are converted from older version of the game, sider and patch, updated and re-textured, thanks to max for his huge participation.

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  1. No champions and europa league anthem ?

  2. Massive thanks for the efforts! My question is how can we add the Champions league anthem to go along side the entrance and animation?

  3. hello there are several markers that do not work like that of the liberators or the world cup among others because this is due. thank you for your attention

  4. add more please the all

  5. Hello smoke patch,nice work. Please wat of UCL and UEL anthem? We need it as it will cap everything 100%. Thanks

  6. Hello, I followed the instruction step by step, but now sometimes the game doesn't run, and when it start, after team selection, the game crash.
    Until yesterday, before the cinematics update, everithing worked good.
    I copied and replaced the two files of the Sider 6.2.5. in the Sider folder and then I installed the cinematic update. After do this, i had those problems. Please help me. Thanks

  7. very good job thanks a lot guys

  8. please UEFA Champions League anthem early match

  9. Great job!! but national anthems desappear!!
    I only play with my national team and i would like to have national anthem and trophies (world cup and Euro)!!
    Thanks a lot for all your job...

  10. i really love it, but there are lots of error. Like world cup showing as AFC and many competitions without trophies. Please update! Love you

  11. some trophy not apear. Hope the team can fix it. (Laliga,Supercopa de Espana,...) thank you!!