PES2019 EXECO19 by smokepatch

execo pes 2019

SmokePatch19 EXECO (for PES19 PC)
version 11.0.5 (all in one) (15.dec.2018)
update 11.0.8 (13.feb.2019)

please read the release before using this mod

General Features:

- includes DP (DLC 4.0)
- real names for all players
- real names logo for all teams
- added real ad-boards for stadiums
- added new teams
- added new national teams
- added full Bundesliga
- added full J1 league
- added full MLS
- added 5 new classic teams
- real kits for all teams
- correct home ground stadium names
- added more real faces
- added and updated a lot of mini-faces
- added real balls
- added 100 boots and 30 gloves
- many others...

Real names for all players:
due to licenses shortage, a lot of teams have players fake names, mostly some Brazilian teams and national teams, in the smoke patch, we edit the names to have all players correct.
players also have the correct ID, no fake ID is present in the patch.

Real name and logo for all teams:
teams that do not have a license have fake names and logos, smokepatch edits all the team names to be correct and adds the correct logo.

Real names for all competitions:
all competitions have the correct real names in all languages, although some languages might not be precise (like mandarin or Japanese) as none of us know the language, please send us translation corrections if you find any.

Added full Bundesliga: YouTube Demo
we have added the full Germany Bundesliga to execo19, all teams have their correct and updated kits made by MAX, the game already have two teams made, we added the 16 remaining teams with correct squads, formation, and other team attributes.

the teams added are (FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, VfB Stuttgart, VfL Wolfsburg, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha BSC, Werder Bremen, FC Augsburg, 1.FSV Mainz 05, Hannover 96, SC Freiburg, Fortuna Düsseldorf, 1.FC Nürnberg)

Added full J1 league: YouTube Demo
the full j1 league is now available in execo19, the game already has 4 teams participating in the ACL, we have added the remaining 14 teams, see the full teams list added by smoke patch here
all teams added are fully licensed and updated, J1 league kits made and provided by MAX

Added full MLS: YouTube Demo
we have added the full American major league soccer, with all 24 teams to patch 2019, all teams are licensed with real kits and squads, this league replaces the fake American league.

teams added are:
Atlanta United, Los Angeles FC, Columbus Crew, DC United, Los Angeles Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, New York Red Bulls, Portland Timbers, Toronto FC, Sporting Kansas City, Chicago Fire, New York City, Houston Dynamo, New England Revolution, Montreal Impact, San Jose Earthquakes, Minnesota United, FC Dallas, FC Cincinnati, Real Salt Lake City, Philadelphia Union, Colorado Rapids, Orlando City SC, Vancouver Whitecaps.

Added 20 new national teams: YouTube Demo
we have added 20 new national teams to PES 2019, all teams are licensed with real kits and squads, all teams can be used in all game modes including master league and be a legend.

national teams added are:
Finland, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Canada, Togo, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines.

Added 5 new classic teams: YouTube Demo
same in previous game versions, we have added our usual classic teams full of kits faces and other attributes, these teams still can have more players so we can create and add more legends in more recent versions.

Added Real kits for all teams:
teams without a license do not have real kits in the game, smoke patch replaces the fake kits with real kits for all the unlicensed teams, most kits are updated by elements MAX.
we recreated all the added kits, especially for execo19.

Added real ad-boards:
we have converted the default ad-boards from execo18, all stadiums should have this applied, we will enhance and add more in future versions.

Added more real faces:
the patch adds a huge number of faces sent by the patch fans and imported from new data packs or previous patch versions.

Added more stadiums:
a new stadium pack is available in this version, we have added stadiums from the data packs or from the older game version. the total number of usable stadiums is 53 unique stadium models, all available in both select mode and edit mode.

stadiums imported:
- eFootball.Pro Arena (Spain)
- The Ultimate Stage (fictional)
- Wanda Metropolitano (Spain)
- Signal Iduna Park (Germany)
- Stade Louis II (Monaco)
- Estádio Palestra Itália (Brazil)
- De Kuip (Netherlands)
- Celtic Park (Scotland)
- Ibrox Stadium (Scotland)
- Allianz Stadium (Italy)
- Allianz Arena (Germany)
- Old Trafford (England)

Added real balls:
we have created 20 new balls especially for PES 2019, balls are added for most of the leagues, we added balls for these leagues (Argentine, England both divisions, Spain, Italy, Germany, Chile, champions league, Europa league, world cup, Copa America, euro, Portugal, Netherlands, and other special edition balls)

Added more boots and gloves: YouTube Demo
we have used all the currently available slots for boots and gloves, we have added 100 new boots and 30 new gloves, we might update them in future versions.

Offline and live update: 
we create the patch focusing on offline gaming, when you play online the game will use live update data to ensure all players have the same database, so the patch features will not be present such as team names and logo, however, some features will remain such as kits, faces, ...)
in offline mode, you have the option to use the live update or smoke patch update, switch between them in team select by pressing the right analog stick.

Update History:
update 11.0.8 details

Bundesliga Demo 
J-League Demo 
MLS Demo 
Classics Demo 
National teams Demo

1- Extract patch files
download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

2- Run SetupExeco19v1105.exe
run the installer and choose the game installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors, and that the installer finished successfully.

3- Install patch update
if there is an update for the patch install it after installing the patch. if the full version has no updates then ignore this step.

4- Copy the Edit file
manually copy the edit file (edit00000000) that came with the latest update to the game save folder

or see video TUTORIAL

- the installer will upgrade any existing smokepatch version installed previously
- changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
this patch is tested on the full original game version
this patch does not include the game, we assume that you have bought and installed it.

+ Download Links

EXECO19 v11.0.5
all in one (3.3GB)
part 1
part 2
part 3

update v11.0.8 
for execo19 (600mb)


  1. can we use it with PES 2019 Demo version ??

  2. and how instal game PES 2019

  3. Good night, congratulations for the patch and thank you very much. It is possible a tutorial to install it since I am created several folders saves and I do not know which to use. I have also detected that the bernat face of the psg is gray and I can not apply updates. steam game

  4. Can you add Partizan Belgrade?

  5. Can you create a smoke patch for pes 2019 online? When?

  6. can I publish the patch on a very famous English site?

  7. can i mix smoke patch with evo switcher?

  8. Hello Smoke,

    please add the GREECE SUPERLEAGUE!!!
    Thank you in advance!

  9. I tried to close the editing file in the save folder
    Or delete the editing file in a folder, but can not find such a folder in PES 2019?

    Will anyone tell me where is the SAVE folder in the game?

    1. documents\konami\pro evolution soccer 2019\XXXXXXXXXX\save

    2. Thank you brother Dido!

  10. Мanually copy the edit file from download folder to the game save folder in documents, or delete one in the save folder?

    I don't understand you? I do not understand which file the folder should be copied and where? Or to be deleted? Please Help me! Thank you!

    1. replace the edit file with the one that comes with the patch (inside game download folder)

    2. Thank you very much Dido.

  11. please add indonesia national team, and liga 1 gojek for next update

  12. What about тхе latest transfers 18/19? When you update the teams? Is it possible in next smoke patch?

    1. transfers already done, replace the edit file with the one that comes with the patch (inside game download folder)

  13. Oh I forgot, and I found this one pretty funny... Perru's keeper Gallese must have the biggest head I´ve ever seen in a footballer hahaha

  14. Мanually copy the edit file from download folder to the game save folder in documents, or delete one in the save folder?
    I tried - I do not want it! No Bayern Munich, there are no transfers 18/19 ...

    Dido Brother, please put this on YouTube, so that we can see what needs to be done. What is the procedure for manual installation of the file and in which folder?
    ? Thank you very much brother!

    1. planning to make video, but first we will try to find easier solution, if non found will stick to manual and make tutorial

  15. Dido, can you add "Copa Libertadores" with all 47 teams?.

    1. we will add teams for Latin america but probably not all 47

  16. Thank you for the patch guys. I'd like to say somethings about Fenerbahçe. Aatif Chahechouhe ve Şener Özbayraklı's faces has problem. And Ferdi Kadıoğlu was in the game (Free Playes) but I couldnt find him after I installed the patch. Can you please check it out and add to the team roster? Thanks in advance. Great work as always.

  17. Hello! Italian commentators will be for PES2019?

  18. Hello Smoke! are you planning FNL (2nd Ruusian League)?

  19. when will the next updaete be ready to the new pes update :)
    really great work

  20. Thanks for all your job about patches!And we very waiting Patch EXECO 19 11.0.2 with data pack 2.0. Please uploud today :)

  21. Will there be soon further updates for PES2018 patch which include new contents from PES2019 like CSL update for example?

  22. well played lads,great job.

  23. please could you include a free side select, (sides unlocker) in the next update, this is a feature that is most wanted by those of us who do not like polaying online, to enjoy mulyiplayer in a competitive element


  24. thank you ... it would be more real and excellent the leagues have the names in English.

  25. Thanks SmokePath! A question: Do I have to install the v.11.0.5, and then the Update v.11.0.8? Or just with the Update v.11.0.8 is enough?

  26. Hi, after i intall the latest patch.
    i cannot enter the pitch, Stuck at loading screen.
    can anyone help please?.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. this is usually due to choosing wrong version
      reinstall the patch and select the game you have, try without changing any files.