Sider SP21 - Cinematic

Sider SP21 - Cinematic

Trophies and Entrances server (sider version)
for SmokePatch21 (PES2021)
released repacked (26.dec.2020)

Cinematic addon brings more variables, cutscenes, and animations in the stadiums when participating in different competitions and tournaments, will show in football life and in tournaments, but not in exhibition friendlies.
This is a sider addon, you must install the latest version of SIDER SP21 so you can install this addon

Cinematic in server:

- Africa Cup of Nations
- Brasileiro
- Bundesliga
- Campeonato Planvital
- Community Shield
- Copa America
- Copa Chile
- Copa del Rey
- Copa Libertadores
- Coppa Italia
- Coupe de France
- DFB Pokal
- DFL Supercup
- FA Cup
- Jupiler Pro League
- LaLiga
- LaLiga2
- Liga Profesional
- Ligue 1
- Ligue 2
- Premier League
- Serie A
- Serie B
- Super Lig
- Supercopa Argentina
- Supercopa de Espana
- Trophee des Champions
- UEFA Champions League
- UEFA Europa League
- UEFA Super Cup
- UEFA Euro
- FIFA Club World Cup
- FIFA World Cup

- be sure you have the latest Sider SP21
- extract the installer from the archive
- run (SP21 - Cinematics.exe) and select the game folder (sider SP21 should be already installed there)

* to uninstall or deactivate sider addons read this

+ Download Links:

Sider Cinematics
trophies and entrance server 
for SmokePatch21 (size 65 MB)


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
    The players are not rejoined to original teams in the end of season in ML .when You create fix file?
    Thanks for your all great works.

    1. if you mean pes19 this is corrected in the latest patch version

    2. NO
      In pes 2021 in Master league players that loaned out are not comeback to their Original Teams after first season
      for example kubo is not back to Real Madrid

    3. this option was removed last year after fans vote

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
    but this addons doesn't work on old ML !!

    1. thank you
      works in master league no problem

  3. Sider scoreboard release please 🥺

  4. hi smoke, when will the expansion be released?

    1. many tests needed for compatibility, many obstructions due to our problems with people illegally sharing smokepatch
      we hope to be able to work more on that.

  5. is this work when we run the game as usual or only works when run the game using sider installer?

    1. this is sider addon, it works when the sider sp21 is installed and active

  6. Its great and work but there no curscene or trophy for japan league?

  7. How do you active in game? In my game not work


  8. Doesn't work on version 2.0. Please tell me what to do? Sider from Smokepatch is installed. I did everything according to the instructions. I don't have a license.

  9. finally, thank you smokepatch.

  10. It is totally nice, big thanks to you guys the SP Team xD

  11. Hi, when I play the Italian Super Cup, I get the graphics of the AFC champions (circle in the midfield) and the AFC trophy.

  12. WHY DO MY TEAM PLAYERS KEEP RUNNING AWAY FROM LOOSE BALLS IN BECOME A LEGEND MODE? From PES 2018 this this has been happening, I thought PES 2020 and 2021 would be better but KONAMI doesn't seem to fix this problem.

    It is so frustrating and it makes me HATE playing now

    Is there anything you can do about this issue SMOKE TEAM?

    Thank you

  13. Hi smoke, not any music at UCL entrance in master league, any suggestion??