SP Football Life - Change Log

SP Football life 2023 (2.0.1)

version 2.01 (Minor)

- player market value
- reworked FL launcher
- kits fixes/updates
- database updates/fixes
- other minor updates/fixes

version 2.00 (Major)

- multilanguage support (18 languages are now pre-installed)
- audio enhancements (added more tracks, fixed volume control)
- database updates (added players, updated stats, updated squads, ...)
- graphics updates and fixes.
- updated sider addons and added new features (CL kitserver, new nets physics)
- added more updated kits (+100 teams)
- updated the gameplay (the previous version is still available in the new switcher)
- added classics in ML and BAL new feature (available in the new switcher)
- fixed all edit mode bugs, (old edit files will not work)
- added compatibility with intel +12th gen processors
- many other fixes and enhancements based on user feedback, thank you.

version 1.01 (Minor)

- fixed edit data not loading in the exhibition mode
- deactivated the theme menu
- auto reset settings
- add OneDrive save folder to the installation directory

version 1.00 (First release)