PES2020 SmokePatch20 v2

demo of sp20.2.0

SmokePatch20 v2 (for PES20 PC)
version 20.2.7 (all in one) (27.jun.2020)
update 20.2.8 (12.jul.2020)

Update 20.2.8 applies database upgrades to smokepatch v20.2.7
added players from the live update added players from the SP database, updated stats, many official transfers, and many corrections.

* you can export any edits made in the game editor and import after update the edit file, see the tutorial.

please read and follow the install instruction and notes carefully.

PES2020 - SmokePatch Face Pack

SmokePatch20 v2 faces for pes2020

SP20 Mega Facepack for pes2020
release 2 (9.jul.2020)
update 3 (27.aug.2020) added/fixed 386 faces (1.4GB)

contains 3000 total players real faces (megapack + pack update)

* superstars like Messi and Ronaldo uses the newest faces Konami made only.
* compatible with all smokepatch20 and game versions.
* all faces are in single ID folder only for better management (no extra folders)
* special thanks to B2Y and Emaelmate for their big participation in the faces update.

Sider SP20 - Stadium Server R3

Stadium server (sider version)
release 3

this is the server only, all settings and configurations are correct for compatibility, you can update the older release 2 (see instructions below), or install a clean compatible version and add the stadiums individually, we will release reworked stadiums here with easy install to stadium server R3.

Sider SP20

Sider SP20 v11
for SmokePatch20
version 11 (16.aug.2020)

* sider DLL version 6.3.9

Sider is a tool made by (juce), allows more things to be injected directly into the game such as more stadiums or automatic scorecards or others, bypassing game limits.

the sider is organized and configured to work with smokepatch and SP addons, all SP settings are ready in sider sp, we created installer for easy install without confusion, the sider folder will be installed inside the game folder (select the game folder in the installer)

Sider SP17 - Stadium Server R2

Stadium server (sider version)
release 2 (31.aug.2020)
* fix available, see the download page button

this stadium server includes 110 stadiums to complement the stadiums from the stadium pack, non of the stadiums that are in the stadium pack is in the stadium server (no duplication to avoid problems)

this server is tested with sp17.2.2 + stadiums pack r7 SP shaders. it is highly recommended to install the pack to get the desired results with the new server.

the contents in the stadium server R2 are highly compressed for faster loading and better FPS without losing quality, the size of the stadiums are about half the original size in our previous version.