About FL23 Gameplay

SP Football Life Gameplay
* beta version of the gameplay v3 is available below

I was hoping I wouldn't have to make this post, as It would be best for gamers to explore the new gameplay as we used to do every time a new pes game is released.

here are some notes and facts about SP football life gameplay:

SP Football Life: commentaries v2

Smokepatch FL23 commentaries

SmokePatch Football Life in-game commentary
version 2
released: 25.Jan.2023

English commentary is included in football life by default, a new one and other languages are also available as an optional add-on. all commentaries languages are updated to the latest version.

version 2 adds more player call names and in-game commentary phrases.

- SP Football Life 2023 all versions

SP Football Life: Real Faces

sp21 faces

SmokePatch Football Life in-game Real Faces 
release: 8.Nov.2022 (add +6000 faces)
update: 19.Jan.2023 (add +2000 faces)

The faces in football life are game-built to approximate the player's characteristics, the real faces of players are available as an option because the file size of the faces is bigger than the entirety of the game.

this addon adds real faces for more than 8000 players in the current database (6227+2059), be sure you have enough free disk space to extract the archive.

* Please note that we rarely update players' haircuts.
* No requests please, we share all the faces that we have.

- SP Football Life 2023 (version 1.01 or newer)

Fix 2.01 for SP Football Life 2023

settings/game options/game version

Fix 2.01 for SP Football Life 2023
version 2.01 repacked

* repacked to fix Atletico gk kits
* repacked to fix stadium select

update summary:
- player market value
- reworked FL launcher
- kits fixes/updates
- database updates/fixes
- other minor updates/fixes

update notes:
* This fix requires the installation of update 2, cannot update version one directly.
* This fix will install a new edit file, edit file from update 2 can be used but will miss updates
* Promoted teams for the new season in south American leagues are planned for version 3 with the rest of the winter transfers.

see details below:


Frequently asked questions
updated: 02/Feb/2023

due to the massive number of new users and after releasing football life, there is a huge amount of reports and issues users are facing, it is a little bit hard to keep up with individual reports, I will try to cover most issues in this section, finding the best answer for the frequently asked questions and reply to comments as much as possible, reports that are duplicated and resolved issues will be removed from the main thread to tidy up the comments section.

if a report is not mentioned below it is because I don't yet have an answer or the issue will be addressed in the coming update.

this section will be updated regularly.