In Progress: *** Football Life 24 v2 *** Commentaries v5 *** Football Life 2024 Mega Facepack *** SP background game music ***

smokepatch plans for 2024


smokepatch is soon to resume this year's plans, it's hard to make progress under the current situation in Palestine, i am currently safe and I thank everybody who contacted or tried to contact me, with the support of my friends and fans, I hope things will get better for me and football life.

I'm currently unavailable most of the time, thanks to my friends the work never stopped and the amount of accumulated content is huge.

there are hundreds of emails that I'm unable to read and reply to, but I will try to respond as much as I can as soon as I can.

below is a brief of what is in the plans for Smokepatch's football life and what coming, more details for each topic will be available when it is possible.


- FL24 v2
- SP Football Life commentaries v5 (addon)
- SP Football Life 2024 Mega Facepack (addon)
- SP background game music (addon)
- Patreon support


SP Football Life 2024


Smokepatch Football Life 2024
version 1.00 (30.Sept.2023)
version 1.10 (3.Oct.2023)
season 2023/24

* update 1.1 is available
- fixed reported bugs in career mode cups (career restart is required)
- fixed adboards not showing in some cases
- other minor fixes

* extract and run (SPFL24_101.exe)
* error FL24 not found? check antivirus quarantine for deleted game files
* run installer as administrator

SP Football Life is an experimental project that aims to continue the legacy of career modes found in the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series. In contrast to the new gaming trends focusing on online gaming and pay-to-win style, SP Football Life focuses on the continuation of the traditional career modes and gameplay.

This is a free undertaking driven by the passion for PES's career modes, implementing customized content and revamped assets to offer players a fresh experience. SP Football Life doesn't support online connectivity or provide access to PES's online features or modes

Announcement: SP Football Life 2024 (in progress)

SP Football Life 2024

SP Football Life 2024
Season 2023/24
* in progress 

Expected release: Late September
Expected size: ~30 GB (base game)

the new season version is in progress and is expected to be available at the end of September to include as much progress as possible and apply the latest stats that is expected soon, any work not done by then will be added in later updates

it's hard to list the huge amount of changes and improvements in the new version, see below some information regarding Football Life 2024


hello and welcome,

I've been away for a while, work and other commitments have kept me away, let me catch you up on some of the plans for smokepatch: