Sider SP19 version 2

Sider SP19 new version is available

New in version 2:
- compatible with new dp6
- camera.lua caches its memory for faster startup
- install will update the sider only, no remove any content
- separate dll update available too.

SP19 - DLC6 compatibility fix

DLC 6.0 compatibility fix for SP19.0.3

this is a temporary fix file for the newly released data pack 6.0, so the patch will be compatible for steam users. (important for steam users)

Sider SP19 - Scoreboards R4

Sider - Scoreboard server

Scoreboard server (sider version)
Release 4 (28.apr.2019)
upgrade lua file for R3 is available.

This is sider version, you must install the SIDER SP19 so you can install this addon

P2017: SmokePatch17 update 17.0.6

SmokePatch17 update 17.0.6

Update version 17.0.5 is available for smokepatch17.

what is new:
important update for non stm users, system files enhancements for game stability, stadiums from R5 repack are now assigned in the edit file, stadiums are still unlocked, ready for stadium server R2.

use this update with stadiums R5 repack for best results.

this update also includes fixes from older updates.

SP17 - Stadiums pack R5 repack

sp17 stadium pack

SmokePatch17 Stadiums Pack R5 (Final repacked)
* compatible with all smoke patch 2017 versions.
* compatible with stadium server R2

REPACKED to include some fixes 

smoke patch stadiums are no longer included in the patch by default, the stadiums are available as a separate optional add-on, these are default smokepatch stadium packs.

SP19 Addboards R2

Addboards R2

S19 and SP18 Stadiums Adboards Release 2
* compatible with all smokepatch19 and smokepatch18 versions.

smoke patch adboards included in version 19.0.0 is managed by omina, this is the new upgraded version release 2.