SP Football Life: Real Faces

sp21 faces

SmokePatch Football Life in-game Real Faces 
release: 8.Nov.2022

The faces in football life are game-built to approximate the player's characteristics, the real faces of players are available as an option because the file size of the faces is bigger than the entirety of the game.

this addon adds real faces for 6227 players in the current database, be sure you have enough free disk space to extract the archive.

- SP Football Life 2023 (all versions)

SP Football Life: commentaries

Smokepatch FL23 commentaries

SmokePatch Football Life in-game commentary 
released: 5.Nov.2022

A new English commentary version is included in football life, other languages are also available as an optional add-on. all the commentaries are updated to the newest 2023 version.

- SP Football Life 2023 all versions

Update 1.01 for SP Football Life 2023

update 101
Football Life update 1.01

prior to the first release, and following issues reported by our fans, a new update is available to address these issues.

* updating football life does not damage the career mode.
* the update will reinstall a new edit file

the following issues are resolved:

SP Football Life 2023

Smokepatch Football Life 2023
version 1.0.0 (31.Oct.2022)
update 1.0.1 (1.Nov.2022)
season 2022/23

Football Life is our attempt to continue the offline modes of the retired PES series, football life is a heavily moded standalone football game based on pes21, built for offline career modes only. 

SP Football Life is how we like to play a football game, it is made with the same standards as previous smokepatch contents and is built according to our guidelines to the best of our knowledge, users can read the description before deciding to use football life as everybody have their own taste and preference.

- some features are not yet included (like classics in ML and CL badges) but will be added in future updates
- there are some minor issues here and there, that will be addressed in future updates.
- it is prohibited to extract the database or the cpk files for other uses

Tutorial - Install SP Football Life

Step-by-step installation tutorial:

this is a detailed installation tutorial, aided with visual pictures to make it clear for a correct installation without any problems.

1. download SP football life archive parts
2. extract all the installer files from the archive
3. run the installer as an administrator
4. run the game from the desktop shortcut or (FL_2023 start.exe)

* virus-free files (possible false positive with antivirus).
* check for and install any available updates.
* the sider will start automatically with the game and will close after exiting the game.