Sider Stadiums

SP Football Life includes 29 real model stadiums and 17 fake stadiums by default, more stadiums can be added via Sider add-ons, and all stadiums made for FL or PES21 can work if installed properly.

SP stadiums from the last version are reworked and retextured for the best quality and performance, users can install SP stadiums or install stadiums from other sources, or you can mix them up if you know what you are doing.

football life stadiums are available per region, so users can choose what stadiums to add instead of having all stadiums in one huge pack, I don't recommend downloading stadiums that you might never see in the game as it would be dead weight on the disk.

Update 3.3 for SP Football Life 2023

FL23 update 3.20
settings/game options/game version

Update 3.3 for SP Football Life 2023
version 3.30/exe 23.3

update summary:
- player head settings review
- database updates
- kits updates
- sider dll/lua update
- added fixes for face pack update2
- minor tweaks in the gameplay

update notes:
- this update requires game version 3.00 or newer, this update includes 3.1/3.2
- this will apply the gameplay to version 3.3.
- this update will install a new edit file that includes transfers and enhancements, however, the previous edit file from version 3.0 or above can be used, in this case, make a backup before updating.
- all modes started with any version of football life 23 can continue after updating.

SP Football Life 2023

Smokepatch Football Life 2023
full version 1.0.0 (31.Oct.2022)
update 3.3.0 (10.May.2023)
season 2022/23

Football Life is our attempt to continue the offline modes of the retired PES series, football life is a heavily modded standalone football game based on pes21, built for offline career modes only. 

SP Football Life is experimental to reflect how we like to play a football game, it is made with the same standards as previous smokepatch contents and is built according to our guidelines to the best of our knowledge, users can read the description before deciding to use football life as everybody have their own taste and preference.

SP Football Life: Real Faces

sp21 faces

SmokePatch Football Life in-game Real Faces 
release: 8.Nov.2022 (add +6000 faces)
update 1: 19.Jan.2023 (add +2000 faces)
update 2: 3.May.2023 (add +2300 faces)

* new update is available (01_smkdb_fa6.cpk)
* update 2 does not include update 1

The faces in football life are game-built to approximate the player's characteristics, the real faces of players are available as an option because the file size of the faces is bigger than the entirety of the game.

The total number of players with real faces is 10.600 (rounded)
* excluding the pre-installed ML managers
- Main faces pack: 6200 faces
- Update 1: 2000 faces (30 fixes)
- Update 2: 2300 faces (+100 fixes)
see the players list below

- SP Football Life 2023 (version 1.01 or newer)

SP Football Life: commentaries

Smokepatch FL23 commentaries

SmokePatch Football Life in-game commentary
version 3
released: 28.Apr.2023

English commentary is included in football life by default, a new one and other languages are also available as an optional add-on. all commentaries languages are updated to the latest version.

* older versions are available here

- SP Football Life 2023 all versions