PES2021 - SmokePatch Face Pack

sp21 faces

SP21 Mega Facepack R2 for pes2021
released (21.Apr.2021)
updated (30.May.2021) 
contains 3684 total players real faces (see list below)

update available for R2:
* This update is for release 2, to use with older face pack rename the update cpk to one of the extra cpk files.
- added new DLC6 faces (~ 110 faces)
- added more real faces (~ 400 faces)

* the update is for face pack R2, install the full pack R2 first.

R2 (all in one) changes:
- removed all obsolete faces (players no longer exists in our database)
- removed older faces (replaced with newer ones)
- includes all DLC faces
- added new faces
- fixed detected bugs

PES2021 SmokePatch21 v3

* The demo is from an earlier version of SP21 (21.0.0)

SmokePatch21 v3 (for PES21 PC)
version 21.3.5 (all in one) (27.May.2021)

* New in full patch version 21.3.5:
- compatible with the latest game version 1.06
- updated database
- updated players stats
- updated graphics
- imported new DLC contents
- other various updates

Release notes:
* The installer will upgrade any pre-existing smokepatch version.
* Football life modes (ML-BL) started with 21.3.0 or newer can continue.
* DLC faces are included in the face pack R2 update. (see addons menu)
* Sider SP21 must be updated to use sider addons. (sider not yet working on copy game as per reports)

please read and follow the install instruction and notes carefully.

SP21 - Sider Scoreboards

sider Scoreboards pes21

Scoreboard server (sider version)
Released (23.May.2021)

The first version of the sider scoreboards addon, mostly converted and updated from the previous server, some scoreboards and replays may still need updating.

This is sider version, you must install the SIDER SP21 so you can install this addon

SP21 compatibility fix for DLC6 (steam game)

SmokePatch21 (for pes 2021)
compatibility with new game version

* steam version compatibility fix with new game version
* for the steam original full game only
* do not use this with non-original game

a new game version was released earlier this morning, this usually deactivates the patch and runs the default game only, a temporary fix is required to make the SP21 work with the new DLC.

this is not needed for the copy game, as it is not affected by the game automatic updates and can continue normally

this is a compatibility fix only, the new contents will be merged with our new contents and database when a new version of smokepatch21 is released, new faces will be added in a new update for the face pack.

sider SP21 needs to be updated to work with exe 1.06, get from sider SP21 page, or update (sider.dll) from the sider owner.