SP20 - Sound Server (Competitions Anthems)

Chants and Anthems

Competitions Anthems
for SmokePatch20 (pes 2020)

Anthems in the server are made by Predator002
compatible with all SP20 versions

Competitions included:

- UEFA Champions League
- UEFA Europa League
- UEFA Super Cup
- FIFA World Cup- Copa Libertadores
- Superliga Argentina
- Copa Argentina
- Belgian Jupilar Pro League
- Belgian Croky Cup
- Chile Primera Division
- Danish Superliga
- English Premier League
- English Championship
- English FA Cup
- English Community Shield
- French Ligue 1
- French Ligue 2
- Germany Bundesliga
- Germany DFB Pokal
- Germany DFL SuperCup- Italian SerieA
- Netherlands Eredevisie
- Portuguese Liga NOS
- Russian Premier League
- Spanish LaLiga
- Turkish SuperLig

Installation for SP:
- be sure you have the latest sider SP20
- extract the server installer
- run the installer and select game directory

Installation for others
- move your sider folder inside the game folder and rename it to (sider sp20)
- run the addon installer and select the game folder as directory.

* to uninstall or deactivate sider addons read HERE

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  1. Thank you!! Been waiting for it!

  2. New master league is needed?

    1. if it needs anything it would have been mentioned in the instructions .

  3. Guys, please help! after install this addon, stadium server doesn´t work correctly, some teams don´t load the correct stadium

    1. this addon does not affect stadiums server

    2. I have the same problem with stadiums

    3. be sure you have the latest sider sp, this addon should works fine with the stadiums.

    4. I have exactly the latest version of sider SP20 v8, but there is a problem with the stadium

    5. Hi. First of all, thanks for all your work on the patches! They are awesome! Second, I have this same issue. I found out that some stadiums are working, some aren't. The ones that aren't is because the "default" stadium inside PES goes to "Random". It doesn't give you the default option on those though. I have uninstalled this addon, have reinstalled Stadium Server, reinstalled 20.2.4 but still doesn't work. Have checked the map_teams, and the assignments are correct. Any one has any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

    6. hello and welocme,
      the issue you are taking about is from (gaol chants) addon not the sound server.
      the goal chants needs a special edit file, although some issue in the exhibition stadium select, in all other modes the stadiums will be correct without any issue,
      if this bothers you alot you can use the normal patch edit file, you will loose some goal songs.
      the sound server addon have nothing to do with the goal chants addon, totally separated and different type and system.

    7. Hi! Thanks for your reply! The edit file from the goal chants didn't work, but putting the edit file from the original 20.2.3 did the trick! Thanks for your help! You guys are awesome!

    8. Use edit file from 20.2.3 and it will work fine

  4. ucl anthem for sp19 plz

  5. i isntalled it but CL anthem still not working in existing MK

  6. Esta súper el parche, sería muy bueno que los himnos de las selecciones nacionales sean cantadas por sus hinchadas como en el pack de canticos de SP19

  7. works fine except national anthems

    1. this does not include national anthem and it is not mentioned that oit does, this have competitions anthems as mentioned up.
      get latest patch version and latest chants addon for anthems

  8. thank you smokepatch team !

  9. I love the English Premier League one <3

  10. hello and thanks for the patch as always would in the near future will adedd the new cutscenes by Durandil67 he is making a great cutscenes i would have been aded with smoke patch

  11. Is there any chance for this to happen in PES 19?

  12. Spectacular as always, will there be a complement to National Anthems?

  13. Hello Smoke and thank you for the perfect content! I have just one question regarding the Sound Server patch. It appears that the anthems are starting to play before the presentation screen before the match. Does anyone else have the same experience? If not, what should I do to repair it? Thank you very much again!

  14. This also gives Liverpool YNWA song when walking out , you should probably add to the description. great work as always

  15. Hi, is there any chance to get to modify the length of Champions_League_02 file in the game? Because I would like to make it a bit longer (it is cut in the entrance after about 20 sec) so that the CL song can start exactly when the 2 teams are lined up in the field, and not before