PES 2018: EXECO18 by smoke patch

execo 18 by pes smoke patch

pes 2018 smoke patch EXECO + updates
Current version: (10.3.5b)

All the patch info, updates, progress and future plans are here, please read the release before using smoke patch
Be sure you have the latest update before reporting something.

General Features:

- ready for season 18/19 (teams, leagues, transfers)
- summer transfers updated
- includes all konami DP
- added music theme
- added new background graphics
- added 3 new real stadiums
- added new stadiums cheers and sound effects
- added real ad-boards for stadiums
- all teams are licenced with correct name and logo
- all leagues have correct attributes
- added more clubs and teams
- real kits for all teams
- all teams have correct stadium names
- all teams have real coach with picture
- high quality league sleeve badges
- added and updated a lot of real faces and minifaces
- added a lot of new players
- added real balls, boots and gloves
- added reset tools to remove features
- optimized files for better FPS
- a lot of more updates and enhancements

Ready for season 18/19
all leagues in smoke patch are updated with correct teams for the new season 18/19, serie b of Italy still have 22 teams although they should less this season due to Italian law sanctions, we prefer to not change the league structure to avoid serious bugs.

the patch have recent transfers and teams have correct rosters, thousands of transfers happened recently, we will continue to check for any missing transfers to include in future updates. last transfer done in the patch was at 28/august (3 days before the window closed)
an updated edit file will be regularly uploaded as we continue the transfers

Konami DP
the files contains all konami DP files, so there is absolutely no need to download or apply and other files,

Music theme:
we have added new music tracks (tron style)for the patch to suit the general new EXECO theme, it is possible to remove the music theme by running the patch reset tool included in the game folder, by selecting remove music them, this will restore the original game sound tracks.

we will create alternative music packs as addons in the near future, due to compression and conversion, we strongly recommend these sound settings from inside the game option menu:

execo music volume

Background graphics
this is the first themed patch since pes 2013, all backgrounds made for this them are made by us (one of our sister websites), it is possible to remove the theme and restore the game original by running the reset tool.

3 new stadiums:
3 new stadium added to the patch, this stadiums are not made by us, we couldn't convert our stadiums from older version due to the change of the game system, so the credit for the 3 new stadium models goes to Durandil, big thanks for his work.

stadiums added are:
- Allianz stadium - Italy
- Allianz arena- Germany
- Old trafford - England

Stadiums cheers and sound effects
we have converted many of our old sound effects and stadium cheers, many other new sound files are included thanks to the fans for participation in creating and packing the sound files.
it is possible to remove the new sound effects by running the patch reset tool.

Added real ad-boards for stadiums
our ad-boards are now added to pes 2018, converted from pes 2017 9.8, the number is reduced but all teams and leagues have real ad-boards now.

All teams have licence
all teams in the game have licence, correct name, manager, stadium name, commentary call, logo, kits and all attributes are done, it is not possible to edit the names or manually replace teams, however we kept two teams fully modifiable (pes united - we united), it is possible to export and import created teams before updating the patch by using the in-game editor, watch tutorial.

Added more teams
smoke patch always add more teams and national teams to the game, execo version added one more classic team, we wanted to add more teams but sadly we hit the maximum number the edit file can handle (max= 599 team slots), about 100 team slots less than pes 2017.

EXECO created (replace) 19 newly promoted teams fully with kits squads and relative attributes, the patch added 184 teams to the patch, see the full list HERE,

Real kits for all teams
all teams have real kits most of them with 3rd and 4th alternatives, we have created most kits in the patch and our fans also created the textures for better quality.
in execo we have updated a lot of teams for the new season 18/19

kits texture: a lot of new texture for major European teams kits 18/19 are credited to geo_craig90, thanks for the high quality work.
kits numbers: we created the numbers for the kits to be a good approximation for the real thing
kits settings: we always review the settings (numbers color, position, ...), we correct and optimize the kits regularly.

all the kits are made to be optimized while preserving the quality for excellent performance and quality when playing at 4k quality or less.

in this version, we have activated our high quality sleeve badges, the badges where deactivated in previous versions due to technical issues, now is resolved and working.

Faces and Minifaces:
a lot of real faces are updated in this patch, the patch includes more than 800 new or updated faces some imported from pes 2019.
this version also gave more attention to minifaces and added/updated more than 12500 minifaces for better gaming.

the number of players always grow when we create or update the team squads, currently the patch have around 18000 players, all players are real without any fake players except for ML youth team and ML default team. the patch added around 9000 players not in the original game.
when we add a player we create with his correct ID if possible, and the stats are from our most updated database.

this patch have stats from the latest konami database made for pes 2019, soon the database will be updated after the full release of pes 2019, after that we will update the stats in all our live patch versions.

More updates and enhancements
we always enhance the patch in many aspects, not all the features are listed but you will find a lot of changes when playing with smoke patch.

1- Extract patch files
download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

2- Run SetupExeco.exe
run the installer and choose PES 2018 installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully.

3- Download and install the latest execo18 update.
always check for the latest update as we contentiously try to update the patch.

* in some cases, it is better to delete the old edit file before installing the patch

video installation tutorial HERE


v10.3.5b (17-sept-2018)

Changes from the first EXECO version:
(includes all previous updates)

- updated database (players stats and attributes)
we have imported the new stats from pes 2019 to smoke database, more than 14000 players are now updated following latest konami live update.

- updated transfers:
the market is closed, we have completed the transfers following the fans reports, some players added to the database.

- fixed master league second season schedule
a problem reported of not having a scheduled in the second season when playing with any team from the serie A or B, this update will fix it, it you already started master league after installing execo then you might have to start a new one, ML started before execo can continue normally.

- fixed a problem with Chinese clubs:
a problem with the kits number of the CSL clubs that makes kits fail to load and so does not show the players, this causes bug in master league, it is now fixed.

- fix wrong team in laliga2
a mistake was made in Spanish second division having (Gimnasia La Plata) from Argentine instead of (Gimnàstic de Tarragona) of spain, this is fixed now

- fix emirates stadium audience
a small error caused the emirates stadium to be empty of crowd, this is resolved and fixed now

- Other fixes and enhancements
a lot of small changes, like parma kits or emirates stadium crowd and other fixes and enhancements

- corrected the new ball models (10.3.5b)

New in this update:

- fix GK stats (Catching - Coverage)
mistake in the script to convert stats was corrected and the goalkeepers stats are fixed now.

- updated Brazil-Argentine leagues
big update for both leagues (Brasileiro and Primera División), including squads, coaches, minifaces and kits.

- updated more kits
a lot of updated kits, most of them converted and edited from the PES 2019.

- updated balls
created new balls for the new season (EPL, La Liga, SerieA, CL, Braziliaro, Liga NOS)

- added real faces:
we have converted a lot of faces from pes 2019 and included in this update, more to come.

other fixes....

In progress for future Updates:

- updating Chile league (in progress)
- updating Colombia league
- updating China league

Official Links:
* patch compressed size: 7.2 GB


DO NOT generate dpfilelist
- changing the patch files is at your own risk.
- updating the game EXE is not the patch responsibility.
- this patch is made to focus on offline modes.

thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed.


  1. Can u make real classic teams instead of fireblast n warmastrom lyk Barcelona,Milan classic I did try bt it couldn't edit the kits

  2. i got corrupt when i want to extractthe file?

    1. be sure all files correctly downloaded

  3. there is bug at bal mode get stuck when player of asian get announcement

    1. this was fixed long time ago, update the patch

    2. Sebagian TATTO pemain tidak lengkap seperti Nainggolan INTER

    3. pake bahasa inggris cuk

    4. How to update the patch? I using EXECO patch right now

  4. Same problem in ML when i go to next season...shedule is ok..but when i hit next Pes2018 has stopped working . Any ideea ?

    1. You started a new ML after you updated the game with this update or you using an earlier ML?

    2. i started a new ML when i installed update 10.3.4 :( but with any update i have this problem..

    3. This update is 10.3.5. You should start a new ML with this update because this will fixed the second year in ML. I think.

    4. I think the edit file can also cause problems with the ML.

    5. I delete the sistem file and edit file but still the same shit...

    6. Which team do you play in ML?

    7. - be sure the ML was not started without the patch update installed
      - be sure no files has been altered including dpfilelist
      - ML started before smoke patch will not work

    8. i will try but ...start a new ML and finally got same problem after hard "work"...its annoying

    9. try to skip games only to see if your problem is fixed or not

    10. yes, skipping games is good idea for testing

  5. and when will the remaining balls be updated?

  6. Excellence patch team smoke. But the only 1 problem. Nike Merlin EPL, LA LIGA & Serie A got glicht of their colour. Can you fix it?

    1. yes missing some bin files, will fix soon

    2. Already download. Thanks it's working. Salute.... I hope your team can update more and fix the glicht in your patch.

  7. Hello smoke team...again and again well done, good job guys. Best hope for you. Thank you!

  8. Player duplicate in Leicester squad: Ç. SÖYÜNCÜ + C. SOYUNCU
    Thx for your update!

    1. will delete the wrong one thanks.

  9. Liga Argentina already updated?? Thanks for the patch

  10. Hello smoke team. Good job! When will the patch for pes 2019 be available?

  11. can we get a custom scoreboard back please guys. great work tho thankyou

    1. get the scoreboard switcher from addons, you have multiple options to put.

  12. Can you fix a superfly elite boot ?

  13. when i download the parts the part08 link downloading the part07 again and this is the same with part 10 link downloading again the part09 files,
    and one more v.10.3.5b part download is = part9 files... can u fix this?( mediafire)

    1. links seems fine, try again part by part

  14. Hi still some bugs with Chinese Super league


  15. crash every time I start an ML, with any team in any league. Very often when I am presented as a coach, I rarely manage to get to the transfer market, but returns to the desktop during the purchases. Patch installed on clean game just reinstalled

    1. if you are sure you installed as you should, and no changes has been made then maybe the game you have got problem or defected
      just start three ML with no such problem

    2. same problem cant play ml or exhibition matches...

    3. the crash occurs when the movie is presented as a coach, or when I introduce a player. (talking about master league)

  16. Liga NOS needs to be updated... many players missing.

    Great Work!

  17. Is there is a way i can change the players team roles? messi should be a legend not a smart player and some of the other players should have better team roles as well. Thank you so much for the patch. I can't see myself playing pes games
    without the patches. thanks.

    1. this stuff controlled by master league, probably cannot do anything about it

  18. Thx alot for the update bro..
    I wonder,Y Neymar Doesnt hv any tattoo???Help..TT

  19. thank you dido no problem in this batch .can you add more face young player and add more compition

  20. Hello guys. I was testing the Master League by skipping all of the first season matches with Arsenal in English Premier League. I didn't find any mistakes or bugs. It works good. When the first season was end i can forward to the next season and it continued with the new season's transfer window's first day. I don't found any problem with this.

  21. The Execo patch hangs in Master League when I sign a special player and it triggers a video of the player signing with the club. For example: start a new Master League season and try to sign G. Bou or Alex Muralha or any special player.

    1. me too, at every presentation movie I find myself at the desktop

    2. this is fixed in the update, be sure you have the latest version

  22. Should I delete the X23 update before I install execo ?

  23. Hi
    In old SmokePatch PES 2018, i played it doesn't lag
    But after installed this execo patch for pes 2018, play very lag
    Please help me
    My PC core i7-3770
    VGA GTX 750

    1. Disable Ambient Occlusion and Motion Blur

  24. can you update Vietnamese team pleasee

  25. how to change the ball in the Champions League? blue color merges with the lawn

  26. Can you continue a ML save after installing an update? Will the new content show up in the ML save?

  27. what happend if i install this patch even i have installed the patch x23 ???
    cause in that patch i dont have the latest transfer


    1. install execo then the update for latest

  28. Gracias son los mejores sigan asi , siempre hagan parche para el pes 2017 ! fue el ultimo pes con 4gb de ram! mil gracias

  29. Argentina GK numbers are black on black shirt

  30. Who knows when the rest of the balls will be updated?

  31. Hello,thank you very match nice update
    Please add or edit world cup from 2018 to 2022
    And update another compilations

  32. Hi Chief,
    Can you make it available in single link download

    1. sorry its not possible to upload in one file, 700mb parts is the best we can do for the moment

    2. why do i get file corrupt notification after extracting and how do i solve this

  33. Joao Felix is missing in Benfica, if its not asking too much! Great job guys, thank you :D

  34. Very thanks!!!, but the river plate jersey of the Argentine league, is still out of date

  35. even after install latest update 2nd season ML still crash. waste a lot of my time there. changing to other patch

  36. when extracting i get a notification da that file 1,2,4,6,9,10,11,12 are all corrupt.... how do i solve this cause i spent time downloading