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PES2021 SmokePatch21 v4

SmokePatch21 v4 (for PES21 PC)
version 21.4.0 (all in one) (03.Nov.2021)
update 21.4.5 (24.Feb.2022)

update 21.4.5 is available
- fixed a bug with the Chilean league that caused a random crash with career modes that started with 21.4.4
previous updates included:
- updated major winter transfers (+3000 transfers)
- updated player stats (Konami new stats)
- added more youth players
- updated and fixed more kits
- graphic updates (emblems, flags, ...)
- multiple patch system enhancements
- includes the previous updates
* no relegation/promotion for the new season of some leagues, which will be upgraded in later versions to preserve current master league modes.

* Find the patch information and description below:

Release Notes:
SP V4 season 21/22 
major upgrade for the new season that includes new players and teams selection, upgraded graphics in all aspects of the game like kits, balls, boots, formation pictures, and a whole new theme for this season, find details and links below.

* Do not continue modes started with the last season's patch (v3).
* SmokePatch does not include any real faces. (available as an optional addon)

SP21 General Features

- compatible with all PES 2021 game versions
- ready for season 21/22
- adds a lot of clubs and national teams to the game (747 teams)
- all teams, leagues, and players have real names and logos
- correct team settings like managers, stadium name, and rivalries
- all teams have real kits, most of them updated
- no duplicated teams or players
- applies smokepatch graphics like scoreboards, audiovisuals, and backgrounds.
- adds a lot of master league managers
- adds many boots and balls and formation pictures
- and many more


Leagues and Teams
all the leagues are ready for the new season, promoted teams are now available in their respective leagues, all the teams are with their correct attributes and settings, including the correct manager with photo, correct stadium names, and rivalries.

every season a new teams selection is added to the database, SP database does not have any duplicate teams or players, with no fake names or players (except for the ML default team and the editable teams)

the fake leagues in the game are replaced with real leagues:

Fake Europe League:
this league is used for the German Bundesliga, all 18 teams of the new season are available.
Fake America League:
the MLS replaces this league, with 20 teams participating only, this league cannot handle the 27 teams originally participating, in the patch this league has 20 teams.
Fake Asia League:
Japan J1 League is available in this league slot, with all 20 teams available.

two fully editable teams are still available in the game, pes united (Zalgiris Vilnius), and we united (Ceres Negros). You can use these teams to make your own. It is possible to export the team import it when we update the patch, see the tutorial section.

we take the liberty of adapting the season according to the game compatibility, to avoid problems in football life modes. you might find a missing or extra team depending on what game version is installed.

The teams available in smokepatch V4 HERE
for ID reference, our database is available HERE

Players and Stats
smokepatch uses Konami stats for all the players, although this year we have to adapt the eFootball stats to conform with the PES, 

Real faces: 
Real faces are not included in the patch due to their large size. but are available to download from the add-ons menu.

ML Managers
in smokepatch, there are many more real managers to choose from, the total number of managers available to select from is 94, and smokepatch added 72 more than the original game.

The player's database is available HERE
ML Managers details HERE

all the graphics files we create for best quality and performance at the same time, with the lowest file size possible for high quality, the graphics (emblems, logos, kits, boots, balls, backgrounds) are all compatible with 4K resolution without losing quality. while consuming the same PC resources as the original game.

all the teams in smokepatch have real kits, with more than 200 teams having this season's kits, more usually come in later updates.

Balls and Boots:
smokepatch has 40 real balls and 100 real boots, a selection of the best brands we update in each version, v4 has 20 new balls and 8 new boot models added to the pack.

Formation Picture:
about 95% of the players in the database have their correct and real mini-face, this pack is constantly updated in each patch version.

Theme (Audio Visuals):
smokepatch v4 will have its own bundled theme that includes sp v4 audiovisual, we think that changing the theme every now and then will keep the game fresh, but users have the option to remove and revert to the game default theme using sp switcher, or alternatively, users can change it by applying other ones available at the website addons menu.

Addons Compatibility
there are many more options you can add to the patch, check the addons section of the website, the addons are being upgraded periodically and we plan to add more options in the future, most of the addons usually get a review for the new season.
be sure to read carefully about any addon before using it to know more about its functionality and compatibility.

all SP add-ons including the sider and its add-ons work with v4 as usual, except:

CL kitserver addon
this addon will downgrade the kits if installed and will need updating, deactivate this addon if it is installed until a new version is available. (see how to remove sider addons tutorial menu)

Unlock legends addon:
this addon is version-specific, older unlock legends do not work with the newer patch versions and will need a new compatible addon.

expansions are no longer supported in SP, and will be replaced with a new addon (add editable teams)

SP Switcher
a small switcher tool is included for various functions, located in the game folder, be sure the game is not running if you want to use this tool.
this tool can deactivate or activate the patch to restore the original game, other options like removing graphics are also available in this switcher.


1- Extract the installer files
2- Run (smokepatch21.4.0.exe)
3- Copy the correct Edit file

More detailed installation tutorial is available HERE
* for steam users, deactivate live updates in the team select menu, see the picture:

turn off live update
Analog button / Live Update OFF


- the installer will upgrade any existing SP version previously installed.
- do not change or edit the dpfilelist of the patch.
- do not continue a football life mode started without SP v4.
- do not use any incompatible mods with smokepatch
the patch does not include the game itself.
- DLC files are not needed, smokepatch includes all needed files.
- this patch is made to focus on offline modes.
- for problems read the frequently asked questions

+ Download Links

version 21.4.0
all in one (3GB)
part 1
part 2
part 3

update 21.4.5 for v4

older versions (not needed) are available here

Recommended Optional Addons:

SP21 Mega Facepack
SP21 mega face pack
SP21 stadium server (sider addon)
SP21 stadium server (sider)
SP21 cinematic (sider addon)
SP21 cinematic (sider)