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SP Chants and Anthems

Chants and Anthems sp

SmokePatch Chants and anthems
Release 4 (26.Jul.2020)

this pack is made specifically for smokepatch all versions, most of the chants in this pack are made by (predator and maurid), we have stopped editing audio to focus on other aspects, new national anthems included in this release.

national teams that do not have an original ID (never present in any previous original game) do not have active anthems.

for PES editors:
our old library is now available in ADX format for modders to use, most of them are old as we last updated this library in 2012, many can still be usable.

Show/hide old ADX library
smokepatch old audio files adx format are available HERE

- extract (SMK_Addchants.cpk) from the RAR archive
- copy and replace the file in the download folder of the game

* backup (SMK_Addchants.cpk) before copy if you want to remove the chants and restore game default.

SmokePatch21 all versions
SmokePatch20 all versions
SmokePatch19 all versions
SmokePatch18 all versions
SmokePatch17 all versions
for EXECO rename to: (03_smkdb_sfx.cpk)

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Release 4 
(SP18 - SP19 - SP20 - SP21)
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03

Release 4 for SP17:
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03