Career Year

Change Career mode starting year
* This is for FL24, for FL23 see here

In Football Life 2024, the starting year is 2020 which is the default starting year of pes21, for users who prefer to start career mode in another year (2023 for the current season), this can be done easily using sider functions, but there are some drawbacks:

if the career mode starts in 2023:

- Players stats will have two seasons of development (youth players will have higher stats)
- Custom player transfer in edit mode will be free agents in ML.
- The first transfer window option cannot be deactivated.
- Be Legend player might be forced to accept a transfer.

Change starting year:

Using sider console:
1 - before starting career mode, press the spacebar to bring the sider console up:

sider console

2 - switch between lua using the ` key and select (StartingYearChanger):

StartingYearChanger lua

4 - press 7 to change the value as shown in the console:

set desired starting year

* you can also do this manually but inputting the year directly in (StartingYearChanger.ini), located in \SiderAddons\modules
* hopping to find a better solution for this in the near future
* this lua is credited to (DevPlays & Zlac)