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PES2016 SmokePatch16

P16 SmokePatch 8.5

SmokePatch16 (for PES16 PC)
version 8.5.0 (22.jul.2015)
update 20.3.6 (15.oct.2016)


- compatible with game version 1.05 DLC 4.0
- online-enabled (Steam must be installed)
- includes online/offline switcher

- ready for new season 16/17
- correct leagues names
- correct leagues emblems
- correct leagues balls
- all UCL teams available
- Germany Bundesliga replaces PEU league
- Japan J. League replaces PAS league 
- American MLS replaces PLA league

- correct tactics and formations
- correct clubs logo
- correct high-quality kits for all teams
- most teams have 4 kits
- correct and updated squads
- correct manager with photo for all teams
- remove all fake teams (including hidden ML teams)
- all teams have a correct home stadium
- correct radar/fans colors for all teams
- new teams added (playable in FL modes):

- SMoKE rating system
- a lot of new players (+5000)
- a lot of new faces (+2600)
- corrected personal attributes
- removed duplicated and fake players
- new goalkeeper gloves

- correct names for all stadiums
- new stadiums (40 total)
- HD skies for all stadiums
- enhanced environment
- new crowd graphics and animations
- HD turfs or performance stadium turfs ADDON

- new boots (100 total)
- new balls (52 total)
- new referee kits
- 12 new scoreboards ADDON
- special ad-boards
- multi-language support
- optional controller buttons ADDON

1. install the game
2. extract patch files (get all parts, put in the same place then extract)
3. run the installer (Setup 8.5.exe) (run as admin)
4. get and install the latest SMoKE update (if available)

- be sure your Antivirus does not block or delete any files from the patch.
- updates and switcher will reset any edits you made to the edit file
- run game (run as admin)
- Do not install any Konami updates, all included in the patch.

Full Patch 8.5.0 + update 8.5.3:
* all mirrors contain the same file parts (you can download parts from different mirrors)
* patch uncompressed on disk size (after install): 8.8 GB
* patch compressed size: 5.5 GB

+ Download Links

Full version 8.5.0 (5.47 GB)

Update 8.5.3 (300 MB)