PES 2018 - X20 Scoreboard Switcher

This add-on is made for smokepatch18 X world cup edition, but it should be compatible with all versions for pes 2018.

Options: this version of the scoreboard switcher have 8 options:

- Default Konami
This will remove all customized scoreboards from the patch, revert it to game default just like previous versions of the patch

- Bein Sports (X20 default)
This is a special scoreboard and replay logo made especially for X20, it is the default scoreboard in the latest patch.

- Bein Sports (world cup)
Approximate scoreboard for the world cup, it still has some rough edges but it works fine.

- Bein Sports (EPL)
England premier league scoreboard and replay logo, with correct colors and styles, edited for best performance.

- Bein Sports (LaLiga)
Spanish La Liga Santander scoreboard, including replay logo

- Canal + (Ligue1)
This is an exact scoreboard for the French Ligue 1

- Sky Calcio (Serie A)
Serie A of Italy scoreboard as shown on sky Calcio TV.

- Sky Sports (Bundesliga)
The scoreboard of the German Bundesliga as presented on sky sports TV

- ESPN (Euro 2016)
this is the scoreboard of the latest FIFA EURO competition as shown on ESPN TV back in 2016


- download and extract (P2018 Scoreboard switcher)
- run the switcher, choose an option and continue

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  1. Wait, isn't the latest update version x19? Where is x20?

  2. Excuse me I need Id face Rodrygo Silva de Goes Brazilian player Santos peas 17
    PES 2017 Smoke UPDATE 9.7.2

  3. hola buenos marcadores son todos muy buenos , gracias dido para cuando salen para pes17. hello good markers are all very good, thanks dido for when they come out for pes17.

  4. espero tu respuesta - I wait your answer

  5. thank you so much for you all smoke patchers and pes patches too. without you we can't get fun.
    Ramadan moubarak for all muslim around a world.

  6. Need more scoreboards, from Brasil, Argentina, China, Chile only reference scoreboards for your patch, even libertadores. Good work!

    1. hello, you can get all scorborad you mention in another pes website just find it with google bro. it easy ex: pes 2018 scorboard. good luck bro

  7. Please make switcher for PES 2017

  8. how long does it take to upload patch x20 for pes 18?and great job

  9. Thank Smoke, I have been waiting for scoreboard.

  10. Hey dido great addon. Can you pls fix the serie A scoreboard as the replay and the gameplay start with the serie a logo still on screen, sometimes the cpu starts the game with the logo still on screen and replays and offside replays are missed because of the logo taking to long to disappear. Thx keep up the good work.

    1. Yep, Smoke, that's a big problem. Maybe better use in your switcher this replay logo Anyway, thx a lot for your great job, man!

  11. when installing tv popaps world championships in Russian fly fonts

  12. Nice man, Is there anyway to add more scoreboards to this switcher?

  13. please release new scoreboard for FIFA world cup
    just make more contrast font and background, and more smooth for logo and image

    thanks before

  14. Do scoreboard for more leagues and compatibility with X22 or future X23

  15. Update the FIFA WORLD CUP scoreboard pls, you are amazing

  16. is this compatible with exelco patch?