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Sider SP17 - Cinematic (Trophies and Entrances)

SP17 -  Cinematics and Trophies

Trophy server (sider version)
Release 2 (13.jun.2020)

This is sider version, you must install the SIDER SP17 so you can install this addon

Sider Trophy and Cinematic

this is the sider addon for trophies and cinematic for smokepatch, this will make compositions have their correct trophy and adds entrances to most leagues is smokepatch.


Trophies in server:
- Brasileiro
- Bundesliga
- Community Shield
- Copa del Rey
- Coppa Italia
- Coupe de France
- DFB Pokal
- DFL Supercup
- Fa Cup
- FIFA Fair Play
- Konami Cup
- Konami League- LaLiga
- LaLiga 2
- Ligue 1
- Ligue 2
- Premier League
- Serie A
- Serie B
- Supercopa de Espana
- Supercoppa Italiana
- Trophee des Champions
- UEFA Super Cup

- be sure you have the latest Sider SP17
- extract the installer from the archive
- run (Sider SP17 - trophies.exe) and select the game folder (sider SP17 should be installed there)

* to uninstall or deactivate sider addons read HERE

The content of this server is made by various makers, thanks to everybody involved, special thanks to omina for collection, and samsat for management and adapting to smokepatch.

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Sider Cinematics
Release 2 (13.jun.2020)