SmokePatch Controller Buttons

PS5 Buttons for SP
PS/Xbox switcher

SP Controller buttons addon
10.Nov.2022 (added football life controllers)

* See how to connect a controller here

the default pro evolution soccer for PC has by default Xbox controller buttons in the game (PS5 for football life), many users prefer to have the PlayStation buttons or own a PS controller. this small switcher will allow you to choose between the PlayStation controllers buttons or Xbox, and return this utility to restore or change the controller.

Controllers buttons available:
- PS5 controller buttons and style
- PS4 controller buttons and style
- PS3 controller buttons and style
- Xbox controller buttons and style

- SP Football Life (all versions)
- SmokePatch21 (all versions)
- SmokePatch20 (all versions)
- SmokePatch19 (all versions)
- SmokePatch18 (all versions)
- SmokePatch17 (all versions)

1. Download and extract the switcher
2. Run the exe and select the game folder

- be sure the game is not running when using the switcher.

+ Download Links

for Football Life 2023

for SmokePatch 21

for SmokePatch 20

for SmokePatch 19

for SmokePatch 18

for SmokePatch 17

Previews (PS5 controller buttons)
PS5 Controller for SP

PS5 controller select side

SP PS buttons switcher