Controller buttons - add-on

smoke patch ps3 xbox controller

some of the users prefers play-station buttons in the game instead of the default xbox controller assigned to PC version, this add-on gives you the option to switch between both controllers.

the button files are genuine files, converted from pes play-station database and packed to be compatible with smoke patch.

- download and extract (SMoKE Controller Buttons)
- run the switcher, choose controller and select your game folder then next.

- pes 2018 smoke patch (all versions)
- pes 2017 smoke patch (all versions)


FOR PES 2019: *thanks to tricko
extract and replace in download folder of the game

Normal version:

4K version:

- PS buttons and xbox buttons are genuine files.
- be sure the game is not running when switching.

ps3 controller

ps3 controller