PES2018 SmokePatch18 v3

SmokePatch18 v3 (for PES18 PC)
version 18.3.2 (all in one) (14.jan.2021)

* fix for (players appearance preset) available HERE (copy in the game download folder)

* Changes in version 18.3.2:
this new all in one version uses the new database system files converted from sp21.2.1, which means there are many new players added along with many fixes and corrections in the database, other graphics fixes are included for stability in football life modes.

* modes started with previous v3 versions can continue

the demo above from sp21 is similar to sp18 except for changes:
SP18 v3 is converted from SP21 v3, there are differences between the games so there are changes made to run without errors, see restrictions below

please read and follow the install instruction and notes carefully.


Squad number
in pes 18, teams cannot have more than 32 players as a maximum in the teams, many teams have near 40 players, these players are mostly youth players and are moved as free agents.

in pes18, the game cannot handle the current number of players in the database, the player's number is limited to around 20000 players only, the original SP21 database has 25000.
most players deleted have low rates from free agents.

in pes18, the game cannot handle the current number of teams in the database, the slots are limited to around 598 teams only (registrable in the edit file), the original SP21 database has 742.
most of the players from the removed teams can be found as free agents.

the leagues in pes18 are less than the newer games, some leagues are not available in SP18, famous teams from these leagues are moved to other teams, teams from brazil's second division are removed.

ACL league
in pes21 this league is located in the main database of the game, in all previous versions this league needs to be in a separated database level, this resulted in these teams missing some players especially players who play in a national team, meaning the players in these clubs that also play in a national team are not assigned to the club, this is to avoid duplications and bugs.

SP18 Addons compatibility:

this addon is compatible and can be used with v3 (around 97% of the ID are similar)
a newer face pack converted from a new game might be done, but that will take time due to the huge size of this addon.

Stadium Pack
this addon is pre-installed in v3, no need to apply this addon as it will be installed automatically with sp18 v3

the other addons should work fine, some will get new versions, be sure to read the details of the addon to have any needed information about the addon and its compatibility.

SP18 General Features

- compatible with the latest game version
- ready for season 20/21
- all players have real names
- all teams have a real name and logo
- all teams have real kits
- all teams have the correct stadium name and rivals
- all leagues have the correct name and logo
- removed duplicated teams
- added new teams
- added new national teams
- added new leagues
- added new classic teams
- added a lot of real faces (addon)
- added a lot of mini-faces
- added real balls
- added 100 boots and 100 gloves
- many others...

Teams and Players
currently, the SP18 v3 database has 598 total teams including hidden and classics teams, the database includes around 20000 players, all real players except the players in the editable teams, no duplicated teams or players, players stats are from the latest Konami live update, we constantly keep updating the transfers and adding players if possible.

all the players and players added with their original game ID, if a player or a team does not have one then we assign a temporary ID until is added in the game database.

two teams remained fully editable, pes united (Zalgiris Vilnius) and we united (Ceres Negros), you can use these teams to make your own, it is possible to export the team and import it when we update the patch, see tutorial section.

for ID reference, our database is available HERE
teams list in sp18 v3 can be found HERE

all the leagues are up to date for the current season, created all the promoted teams, fake leagues replaced with real leagues (Colombian league, Chinese league, Germany league)

all the graphics files we create for best quality and performance at the same time, with the lowest file size possible for high quality, the graphics (emblems, logos, boots, balls, backgrounds) are all compatible with 4K resolution without losing quality. while consuming the same PC resources as the original game.

the stadium pack is preinstalled in this version, you can find the available stadiums on the addon page

Kits (team shirts)
we create and update kits constantly, all the teams in the smoke patch have real kits, most of the kits are of the current season, we keep updating the kits and include the new contents in updates when we have sufficient new files ready.

there are many more options you can add to smoke patch, check the addons section of the website, the addons are being upgraded periodically and we plan to add more options in the future.
be sure to read carefully about any addon before using it to know more about its functionality and compatibility.

a small switcher tool is included for various functions, located in the game folder, be sure the game is not running if you want to use this tool.


1- Extract patch files
get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders, and be sure you do not get any errors.

2- Run (smokepatch18.3.2.exe)
run the installer and choose the game installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors, and that the installer finished successfully.

* same instructions for patch update if available.
more detailed installation HERE


- this patch is made to focus on offline modes, to play online or my club use switcher to deactivate the patch and restore the default game
- changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
this patch is tested on the full original game version
this patch does not include the game, we assume that you have bought and installed it.

+ Download Links:

SP17 version 18.3.2
All in one (2.2GB)
part 1
part 2
part 3

* fix for (players appearance preset) available HERE (copy in the game download folder)

archive (older versions) available here


  1. fix referee missing texture in uefa champions league

  2. Finally, thank you smoke team!

  3. Guys, offtop
    Why Bernabeu stad not available for pes2018? I didn’t found any answer on internet. Stadium available for all pes series besides 2018. Why did it happen?

    1. because real are not licensed on pes 18 with smoke patch they are licensed

    been playing PES17 with Execo...
    now it's time for SP in PES18...
    you give life to my 10 year old PC...

  5. thank you smoke patch,. my old pc cant run pes 2019 and above. so, only you my hope to update this game every season. thank you so much. I hope your group is always healthy.

    1. bro enjoj pes 18 are better a lot than pes 19

  6. Hi i can't open the smokepatch.exe I clicked to open and nothing happens, can anyone help me?

  7. wish u All the best smokepatch u doing great!

  8. Thank you very much for making this patch for 2018

  9. Smoke is the best site in the world, thank you

  10. Please pay attention to the item "Team Role". There are a lot of players with the wrong team rolе. Thanks.

    1. team roles are imported as they are in pes21 if applicable

  11. Hallo Team Smoke !
    I spend many Hours to Edit many Clubs with a external Editor !
    Unfortunaly i didnt get the Result in the Game,but it is Edited Succesfully,I see the Result when I load the Editor with the Edited Savefiles but NOT in the Game !
    Any Advice or Ideas ?
    Thank you very much for this Wonderful Work !
    Best Regards !!

    1. sorry we do not recommend using external editors, that will most probably give you bugs
      best edit in the game editor for full compatibility and for import/export edits successfully

  12. Great patch,thanks,guys😍 By the way referees chests are transparent,Mbabu from Wolfsburg face missing and as I said before some kind of bugs with Abel Ruiz or the whole Sporting Braga team.Thank you for your work, you are our heroes! 😊

  13. but nothing can be done to improve the referee? I do not mean to change the gameplay, but only the referee whistling more fouls

    1. Ps. Thanks for this job!

    2. sorry we only use the game default gameplay

    3. a warm thanks to the team of smoke patch for your great work. also i would to know about pes 2018 gameplay there any new gameplay mod version simillar to pes 21

    4. welcome,
      as a policy, we do not change the gameplay of the game, for pes 2018 gameplay is from their latest exe version and dlc

  14. Good job bro, you are the best

  15. how do you install the patch update?

  16. Congratulations on the patch!

  17. Excellent patch, but pls fix some players face have neck white
    -Toto Salvio (Boca Juniors)
    -Fernandinho (Manchester City)

  18. Is there a way to edit the shirts of Real, Atlético, etc, to have a normal, non tight fit?

  19. Hi, I was fixing all the faces of the classic players ... I suppose with this latest update they will all be wrong again?

    1. Hello
      If you mean you changed stats or player settings you will need to export the edited teams then import after installing the new game
      See (import edits tutorial) reference menu above

    2. it works, thanks!

  20. Hello Smoke it seems N.Dominguez(Bologna) and Tyler Adams(Leipzig) face is broken please fix that thank you!

  21. THX YOU CAN YOU ADD AFRICAIN CLUBS IN THIS GAME 20 TEAM ? ... AL AHLY - ZAMALEK - Pyramids FC - ESPERANCE DE TUNIS - ETOILE DU SAHEL - CLUB AFRICAIN - CLUB SPORTIF SFAXIAN - WIDAD - RAJA - MC ALGER - ES Sétif - Al Hilal - Al Merreikh- AS Vita Club - TP Mazembe- Mamelodi Sundowns - Kaizer Chiefs - Atlético Petroleos - Horoya AC - Simba SC -

  22. please make a gameplay mod

  23. I can't settings my keyboard after install v19.3.5, it only detect the gamepad, help me pls.

  24. so you get it, i install all three parts for 18.3.2 and the only thing that shows up its the kits file

  25. Best Mod I've experienced I guess. Most importantly it works. BUt can you add Bundesliga 2? Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!!

  26. I just installed PES 2018, can I immediately use this patch to get the latest player updates, without having to install the previous patch? thank you

    1. yes,
      follow install instructions and notes above

  27. Hello,
    Okay, I have a "clean" game (without patch). First I install patch 18.0 and then 18.3.2? And I'll have all faces etc.? or I need some other facepacth? What is a correct way to install Smoke patch 18.3.2 correctly ? Thank You

    1. hello
      only install 18.3.2 as mentioned in the install instructions above
      for faces you can download the optional facepack from addons

    2. First of all thanks for your reply. I did a little experiment.
      For a clean game I installed:
      Case 1) patch 18.3.2 + facepack V3 and fix for (players appearance preset) now for example: Bundesliga - Wolfsburg team player K. Mbabu has no face (no head), Orban (Leipzig) has an original face PES, but we have the correct face, for example D. Olmo from the Leipzig team.

      Case 2) When I installed patch 18.3.2 without facepack V3 and fix I only have the original PES faces

      Case 3) When I installed patch 18.0 + 18.3.2 it's Olmo's face original from PES but I have the face of K. Mbabu and Orban

      What to do with this? Is there a way to make the faces of Olmo, Orban and Mbabu correct?

      I'm playing the Bundesliga and that's why such examples ...

      If you understand me, please help.

      Your biggest fan P.H.:)

    3. here is the structure
      the default patch does not include any faces at all, faces are optional download to make the patch much lighter in size
      the facepack is the faces converted from newer games, you can see the players that the facepack add faces to in the facepack addon page.

  28. Smoke Patch, why am I not able to download with th first link (mediafire)?
    I can only download with the second link (mega). I hv been trying so hard for days but still I can't download frm mediafire

    1. hello
      both links are always online
      be sure you don't have anything blocking the links

  29. Sir, I just want to let you know that 'Name Print' in team's strip marking is not showing up. I was trying to edit CERES NEGROS's strip and then I opened team's strip and I figured that name print wasn't showing up. I tried to edit ZALGIRIS VILNIUS also and had the same problem. I did make a screenshot for the problem but I suppose I can't upload it here. So here's the link of my screenshot: . I hope you guys could help with this, as I really wanted to make my own club. Ps: I did make a kit in peskitcreator lol.


    1. hello, will review this team name issue soon

  30. 01_smkdb_fa2.cpk does not work, when i check in DpFileList Generator pes2018 made an error

    1. do not generate the dpfilelist of the patch
      everything in smokepatch website have its install instructions, follow that for safe installation

  31. pliss patch pes2018 liga 1 indonesia

  32. I cant see teams from AFC CHANMMPIONS LEAUE...only whit the edit from update 2.1...fix this pls!

    1. nothing wrong with acl teams
      try reinstall the patch to recover any damaged files, be sure you don't use any mods that can cause such issue

  33. perfect, will it have an upgrade of new faces v4?

  34. i have all the mods and my game crashes when i try to go to the next season on master league

    1. reinstall the patch and do not change any of the patch files, only follow install instructions then start new clean career

  35. hello, fatigue decreases slower?

  36. Hallo, salam dari Indonesia. Im one of your biggest fan tbh, and it is a great patch ( 18.3.2 ), but one big piece is still lacking. It is team role in Master League. So many players have a LEGEND team role, and it suddenly makes playing ML like nothing special.. so please, respond this and make an update about the team role. Thanks a lot

    1. hello,
      it is already reported, probably a bug in the conversion script, will correct when the we reconvert the database after its updated in newer game.