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PES2011 SmokePatch11 Titanium

PES 2011 SmokePatch11 3.7

SmokePatch11 Titanium (for PES11 PC)
version 3.7.0 (7.sep.2011)
update 3.7.4 (7.feb.2012)


- A new executable for improved gameplay and AI (patch version 1.5)
- Ready for the 2011/2012 season
- Added 17 new national teams with correct kits and team squads.
- Added 53 new clubs with correct kits and team squad.
- Correct Names for everything.
- Correct emblems and flags for all teams.
- Bundesliga replaces PES league, fake teams.
- Championship nPower League teams replace fake leagues and teams in the 2D league. (optional Segunda division, Italian Serie B, and 2.Bundesliga are all available)
- No duplicated players.
- Special Chants for most teams.
- Special goal chants for 46 players.
- New faces for most players.
- New titanium special scoreboard
- New titanium special menu
- Correct kits for all teams.
- Updated transfers.
- Added 26 more high-quality stadiums.
- Added and updated balls (28 balls).
- Updated boots.
- Added more than 1500 new players.
- Most trainers are famous classic players.
- Complete 32 champions league teams including 4 missing teams.
- Compatible with previous SmokePatch saves.
- And much more...


1. Remove any previous patches installed.
2. Unrar files, run (setup.exe), and follow the installer until it finishes.
3. When the installation finishes manager.exe will run, be sure that the manager is attached to the EXE file, if it shows errors run manager.exe as administrator. and start the game as admin.

+ Download Links

Full version 3.7.0 (1 GB)
part 1
part 2
part 3

Update 3.7.4 (17 MB)