SP20 - Classics Switcher (unlock legends)

SP20 Classics master league

in pro evolution soccer efootball 2020, classic players and teams are only available through online modes, the option to use classic players in master league and be a legend modes is not available anymore, this is a bummer for many of the classic players fans.

smokepatch20 has now a solution to unlock the legends in master league

1. Classics in exhibition and edit modes (default)
this option is the default settings for smokepatch, classic players will appear in edit mode and in exhibition for one on one games, you cannot have classic players in master league when this option is applied.

2. Classics in Master league and be a legend modes
this option will have all the classic teams set as African teams, this will make all the players available in ML and BAL modes, but you will not see the classic teams in edit mode nor in exhibition team selection menu, one of the classic teams will appear in the (club world cup) semi finals as African representative, no way to avoid that so good luck beating that team!

- download and extract the switcher anywhere
- run (SP20 Classics switcher.exe) and select the game directory

for version (20.1.0 or newer)

for version 20.0.2

for version 20.0.1

- Apply the classics in ML option, then start new master league, and after you save the master league, you can close the game and switch to classic in exhibition, this way you will still have classics in your master league and also you will get the classic teams back in edit mode and exhibition.


  1. Awesome as always! Can't wait for the stadiums and scoreboards server to tune up the game.

    1. Is there any approximate date when the stadium and scoreboards server will be released?

  2. Ortega don't have miniface. Thx

  3. when we got this for SmokePatch20.1 (11-feb) ? please

  4. Any release for SmokePatch 20.2?