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Football Life is compatible with almost all systems, including the new gen intel processors, The game launcher is a batch script-based file, to launch the game in a specific order and CPU instructions.

antiviruses mark all batch files as potentially dangerous, it is safe.

The main game launcher should work with most systems, however, there are specific systems mentioned below that require different instructions, 

If the game crashes randomly before the start of the match then check the compatibility list below

Standard game launcher:
FL 2024 start.exe/FL_2023 start.exe

Intel Core i9 13900K /KF
Intel Core i7 13700K /KF
Intel Core i9 12900K /KF
Intel Core i7 12700K /KF
all CPUs made before 2022 <<<
all AMD processors


special cases:

FL_2024 12G.exe/FL_2023 start 12G.exe
for 6 performance cores CPUs

Intel Core i5 13600
Intel Core i5 13500
Intel Core i5 13400
Intel Core i5 12600
Intel Core i5 12500
Intel Core i5 12400
Intel Core i7 12900 (mobile)
Intel Core i7 12800 (mobile)
Intel Core i7 12700 (mobile)
Intel Core i7 12650 (mobile)
Intel Core i7 1280P (mobile)

FL_2024 M.exe/FL_2023 start M.exe
added in update 3.2 or newer
For 4 performance cores CPUs

Intel Core i3 13100
Intel Core i3 12300
Intel Core i3 12100
Intel Core i7 1270P (mobile)
Intel Core i7 1260P (mobile)
Intel Core i5 12600 (mobile)
Intel Core i5 12500 (mobile)
Intel Core i5 12450 (mobile)
Intel Core i7 1250P (mobile)
Intel Core i7 1240P (mobile)

FL_2024 U.exe/FL_2023 start U.exe
added in update 3.1 or newer

this is an unrestricted version of the launcher, with no CPU instructions, this might perform better with untested or unfamiliar systems.


windows system information
see CPU model in (system information)


* If you have a system not mentioned in the compatibility list, the closest reference should do, if not send the system specs to support email so we can try and help.

* Although low-end CPUs can be compatible, it might be better to reduce the game quality to prevent lag.

* Processors with less than 4 performance cores cannot run football life

read more about the intel DRM issue