Playing with smoke patch without errors

Installing the patch is simple, run installer then play, When we create the patch we made it as easy as possible for the user to play without the need for any complicated procedure, however, a lot of complaints about crashes or fails to load or other bugs that will happen if you change the patch files that we always say do not change.

Like any other software, if you replace or edit files, the patch can have issues, so unless you know what you are doing, don’t mess up the patch files.

Here are some examples of what can go wrong:

Changing edit.000000 files:
Every version comes with its own edit file (option file), that is made to work with the latest version to include the new things, replacing this file with another edit file can make bugs

Generating dpfilelist:
The patch uses its own database list, this file is carefully made for the patch using hexadecimal edits, changing this file will cause all sort of issues, and will open the door to all sort of bugs, this file should not be touched, if you want to add things to the patch do so by replacing the extra empty files we include in the patch, simply just rename and replace, we made it as easy as possible.

Master League/Be a Legend:
it is a common problem many users make, that is to continue a master league mode which was started without the smoke patch, that will not work and the mode will have many bugs and will crash at some point, the patch database is very different than the game, fake teams and players does not exist in the patch so the old master league cannot function correctly.
when installing this patch you will need to start a new mode, you can update the patch and continue the master league that was started with the previous version unless mentioned in the description.
once or twice a year we release a version that will require a new master league too, this usually happens when there are huge changes in the database, such as the versions after a new season or transfers windows.

Adding other things:
when adding things to the patch (by using extra files), be sure the things you add does not cause problems, we cannot predict the things you add but always be sure that it is compatible with the smoke patch, this is why adding things is at your own risk, somethings that you might add can contain a system file that will replace a system file and make bugs.

Having said that, we cannot prevent you from adding or changing our mods, but we test the patch with our files only, so we cannot help if other files cause problems.