Announcement: PES 2019 EXECO19 version 11.0.2 is available

The new EXECO19 version (for pro evolution soccer 2019) is available for download, read the release info of the patch and the changes, always check for updates because we make enhancements regularly.

Changes from the last version:

Included new DLC2:
the latest Konami data pack 2.0 is now implemented in the smoke patch for execo19, this includes the new leagues and players and all-new features made by Konami.

Added more stadiums:
we have converted stadiums from pes 2018 and included them alongside the new stadiums that came with the new DLC, new stadiums:

- Allianz Stadium (st022)
we have updated Juventus stadium from execo18, added the new emblem, and made a lot of enhancements,

- Stade Louis II (st041)
AS Monaco stadium is added by Konami in the new DLC2, the stadium is added as it is and assigned to the club.

- Signal Iduna Park (st051)
Borussia Dortmund stadium is imported from PES 2018, the stadium is converted and added directly to execo19.

- Wanda Metropolitano (st056)
this stadium is also converted from pes 2018, assigned stadium to Atletico Madrid.

- Old Trafford (st007)
converted and re-textured from execo18, please note that this stadium has daytime games only, it is possible to change the stadium from edit mode if you want to assign another stadium for man united.

- Allianz Arena (st011)
also converted from execo18, we have edited the turf for better quality pitch.

- The Ultimate Stage (st057)
this fictional stadium of the UEFA champions league was added in pes 2018 by Konami, we have re-imported this stadium to pes 2019, please note that we have added the stadium as it is, there is some problem with a portion of the crowd.

- eFootball.Pro Arena (st080)
added by Konami in DLC2, this stadium as added as it was made by the game.

Added new Leagues:

we have added the full Germany Bundesliga to execo19, all teams have their correct and updated kits made by MAX, the game already have two teams made, we added the 16 remaining teams with correct squads, formation, and other team attributes.
the teams added are (FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, VfB Stuttgart, VfL Wolfsburg, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha BSC, Werder Bremen, FC Augsburg, 1.FSV Mainz 05, Hannover 96, SC Freiburg, Fortuna Düsseldorf, 1.FC Nürnberg)

also, the new DLC added 2 new leagues, (Full Chinese league and full Thailand league), all are imported in execo19 version 11.0.2.

Added optional EXECO graphics:

this version has EXECO graphics, which includes the intro video, start screen and the game replay logo, when installing the patch you will have the option to apply EXECO graphics or keep the default PES 19 graphics, execo music was not added but we are planning to make music packs that you can install separately.

Fixed boot bug:

we have fixed a small bug where some player appears without their boot, now all players show correctly.

Other enhancements and updates:

a lot of kits are updated by elements MAX, more kits to be updated in future versions, added more faces and fixed some faces without texture (white), a lot of mini-faces update and additions, alongside many other enhancements.

see the full patch features and download links from EXECO 19 RELEASE AND UPDATES patch release.


  1. Great work, tnx!We need Partizan Belgrade...

  2. Hola. Donde puedo descargar el PES 19 listo para jugar

  3. Great work,very thanks!

  4. Thanks Dido for the new patch,

    Please tell me if it is necessary to delete the existing EXECO19 version 11.0.1 patch before installing the new EXECO19 version 11.0.2 patch?
    I want to delete the old one so it does not take up space on the hard drive and the orignal game to install the new patch? Will the patch work if I do this?

    Thank you!

    1. Not necessary as the new patch will overwrite the old files, but in general it’s good to delete the whole download folder of the game before installing the patch to remove any unused cpks

  5. it gets me out of the game when I choose Old Trafford

    1. works normal when i try, what conditions you play in?

  6. This is amazing. Thank you so much. I only have one question. Why does rotherham have the wrong kits? You put a lot of work into this.

    1. ROTHERHAM kits will be corrected soon

  7. Love the adboards!!! Pukka-pies are back!!!

  8. 698/5000
    Translate from: Croatian
    Mr. Fadi Alkam,

    I have the original PES 2019 game. Go delete the previous EXECO 11.0.1 patch and install the new EXECO 11.0.2 patch. I made how to explain the installation instructions:
    1- Extract patch files

    2- Run SetupExeco19v1102.exe

    3- Copy the Edit file

    Patch functions, but there is one problem: Only in friendly games, it does not give the new logo and the original names of the league teams that are not licensed as Premier League clubs, la Liga ... etc. and does not give you a change from EXECO 11.0.2 patch as missing boots, new faces, etc.

    When I play the league or cup everything is OK - change the functionality.

    Where is the problem and how can I do it?

    Thank you!

    1. be sure to turn konami live update OFF when selecting the teams (press right analogue stick)

    2. Thank you, but I play on PC with keyboard, not with joystick... Can you help me, and tell me what button press to turn Konami update OFF,before I selecting the teams?

      Thank you very much Mr. Alkam!

    3. you need to assign the right analogue button to a key (from settings.exe keyboard configuration tab)

    4. Thank you for the instructions Mr. Alkam!
      Thank you very much!

  9. como ago para istalar el pez que no puedo

  10. again and again : great job , great patch (the best for me) , reactive staff and definitlvy ...................big thanks !!!!
    do you project to insert MLS in some next patchs ? it's a very fun league to play in master league or BAL !!!

  11. in fenerbahce team there is some grey faces. it was same in before version. can it be fixed? i will be very glad to rewiev turkish teams faces. thank for great jop.

  12. Please FIX Allianz stadium in day match where it's black screen.

  13. please fix the Ultimate Stadium audience, and The Signal Iduna Park is duplicated and other stadium is triplicate.
    Keep up the good work.