Sider SP19 version 2

Sider SP19 new version is available

New in version 2:
- compatible with new dp6
- camera.lua caches its memory for faster startup
- install will update the sider only, no remove any content
- separate dll update available too.

Sider is a small tool made by (juce), allows more things to be injected directly into the game such as more stadiums or automatic scorecards or others, bypassing any game limits.

the sider is organized and managed to be fully compatible with smoke patch, we created installer for easy install without any confusion, the sider folder will be installed inside the game folder (select the game folder in the installer)

- sider version is 5.4.1
- this sider version is compatible with DP6
- works on all p2019 versions.

- extract the installer and run Sider SP19 installer
- select pes 2019 directory then finish
- run Sider SP19 BEFORE starting the game (shortcut on desktop)

- if you get (MSVCR110.dll) error then install Microsoft Visual C++

Sider SP19 addons:

Stadiums R2
Scoreboards R3


How to disable the gamepad control of console:
pressing RT+LT on the gamepad will show the sider console, if you want to disable this:

- open (gamepad.ini) from the sider folder

- find this line:
gamepad.dinput.enabled = 1
gamepad.xinput.enabled = 1

- replace with this:
gamepad.dinput.enabled = 0
gamepad.xinput.enabled = 0

- save folder restart sider sp19


if you want to deactivate a stadium from the sider:

- open (map_teams.txt) with notepad (Sider SP19\content\stadium-server)
- find the line of the stadium you dont want and put # at the start of the line

Anfield active:
103, 004, Anfield, Anfield

Anfield not active:
#103, 004, Anfield, Anfield


Sider.ini (settings file inside sider folder, open with notepad)

Controller side select:
Free select on: = 1

select off = 0


  1. The new update has disappeared all the stadiums (stamford bridge etc.) So I installed a new sider v2 and reinserted the stadiums and I still do not have them in the game. What is the problem?

  2. I have installed the update but works only the scoreboard all the other stadium,ball not working.
    What can i do?

  3. Hi, plis Update the New Lua File, Don't work me the New Sider v2

  4. This is the contents of my sider.ini file (open with notepad) works fine....

    debug = 0
    close.on.exit = 0
    start.minimized = 1 = "\PES2019.exe" = 1

    ; enforce number of match minutes here
    ; you can set any value from 1 to 255, although you probably
    ; do not want to go higher than 90, because it will be weird :-)
    ; 0 - disables this feature.
    match.minutes = 0

    livecpk.enabled = 1

    cpk.root = ".\stadiumserver-static/stadium-commentary"
    ;cpk.root = ".\ball-root"
    ;cpk.root = ".\music-root"

    lua.enabled = 1
    luajit.ext.enabled = 1
    jit.enabled = 1

    ; Lua garbage collector option
    ; two possible values: "step" and "collect"
    lua.gc.opt = "step"

    lua.module = "SP19StadiumServer.lua"
    lua.module = "SP19Scoreboard.lua"
    lua.module = "SP19Entrance.lua"
    lua.module = "WeatherConditions.lua"
    lua.module = "lib\CommonLib.lua"
    lua.module = "MockStadium.lua"
    lua.module = "camera.lua"

    ; overlay settings
    overlay.enabled = 1
    overlay.on-from-start = 0
    ; location on screen: top|bottom
    overlay.location = "top"
    ; size of the font (0 - automatic)
    overlay.font-size = 0
    overlay.font = "Lucida Console"
    ; overlay hot keys:
    ; 0x20 - [space] - toggle overlay on/off
    ; 0x31 - [1] - pass overlay control to next module
    overlay.vkey.toggle = 0x20 = 0x31
    ; colors are in RRGGBBAA format
    overlay.background-color = "102010c0"
    overlay.text-color = "80ff80c0"
    overlay.image-alpha-max = 0.8

    ; boost game process priority if needed
    ;game.priority.class = "high"

    ; Reload modified Lua modules
    ; Default combination: Shift-R
    vkey.reload-1 = 0x10
    vkey.reload-2 = 0x52

    just copy, paste and save

  5. I want to complain about the sider for PES17,when i run the PES with sider, at master league when i skip match its fine, but when i run PES without sider, its just out of the PES, what should i do?

    1. im sorry, i mean without sider its fine,but with sider its not fine

    2. we have reports about same issue for second division leagues, its already sent to the maker for a fix, hopefully soon.

    3. but it happen at all league when i skip match in master league,hopefully it will fix very fast,thank you for your respon and attention

  6. Halo, at Patch 17.0.6 Pes 2017, Juanfran Atletico Madrid is crash, not able to see the player in edit game

  7. After i installed everything as it is supposed to with the latest updates en fixes and the sider with updates , sometimes when i select a other stadium or next match in BAL de stadium is almost not visible like they forgot to turn on the lights.The game starts and you can see dark ghosts moving.The adboards are visible like spotlights. After a few restarts of sider and the game sometimes the stadiums are normal visible again but also can turn almost black again at any time any ideas how this can happen otr how i can fix it ?

    1. try re-copy the stadium server files in sider

    2. I will , let you know what happens

  8. Why isnt the sider console not opening even after I press rt+lt

  9. Hi smoke, I installed the patch but I don't see the stadiums, I did everything as I was driving and installed everything.