PES2018 SmokePatch18

SmokePatch18 (for PES18 PC)
version 18.1.0 (12.spt.2018)
version 18.1.5 (19.dec.2019)

update 18.1.5 changes:
- updated many kits from sp20 and activated CL kits.
- updated the balls from sp20
- updated flags and emblems
- fixed the duplicated team in ACL
- fixed reported bugs
- includes fixes from previous updates
- this update needs full patch SP18.1.0 or newer

please read the release before using smokepatch.

SP18 General Features:

- includes all DP files
- ready for season 19/20
- stats updated (pes20)
- compatible with all game versions
- real names for all players
- real names and logo for all teams
- added new teams
- added new national teams
- added new leagues
- added new classic teams
- real kits for all teams
- correct home stadium names
- added a lot of mini-faces
- added real balls
- added real ad-boards for stadiums
- added 100 boots and 30 gloves
- many others...


Teams in smoke patch
smoke patch 18 uses the maximum number of teams that the edit file can handle, virtually we can add an infinite number of teams to the database, but the edit file is limited, we removed all the fake teams from the game except (pes united and we united), these two teams are fully editable for user custom edits, we have also removed the relegated teams from the game to free up the maximum team's slots, smoke patch added many teams and national teams, also all teams that have promoted to first divisions in Latin America and Asian leagues.

see smokepatch18 full team list HERE

Teams names and ID
all the teams in the patch have the correct name, all teams are licensed and are assigned to their correct original game ID, if a team has never been in the original database we assign a special ID from the smoke database.

Teams squads
we review all the teams in the smoke patch regularly, in every version we update more teams, the squads are following the latest transfers. we always review the reports from the fans to correct any missing transfers.
some players might not be found in the smoke database or Konami database, but we import players from live updates so in later updates, more players will be created and assigned to their respective teams.

Teams Kits
all the teams in smokepatch18 have real kits, most of them are updated to their latest models, we create more updated kits in every version, we usually wait for the new game content to import any new kits released in the newer game.

Players added
SmokePatch adds a lot of new players as a result of adding teams, the database has over 20.000 players, which is 5000 more than the game (excluding fake players)
all fake players are deleted except for players in the two custom teams (we united and pes united)
all players have the correct original ID. if a player does not have one we assign the original ID from the smoke database.
players' stats used are Konami's latest stats.

Mini faces
smokepatch added more than 18.000 mini faces for the players, we keep adding and updating them regularly

no changes in the stadiums of smoke patch 2018, only the stadiums in SP18 are standalone and do not depend on patch files.
ad-boards are also included the same as before, but you can download and use the big ad-boards pack R2 when released.

all leagues in the game are real, smoke patch replaced the fake leagues with real leagues,

Bundesliga (Germany) replaces fake European league
Liga Aguila (Colombia) replaces fake American league
CSL (China) replaces fake Asian league
other optional leagues might be available depending on our links numbers from users.

this version has updated more boot models and balls, the smoke patch has 100 boots and 30 gloves, the graphics are now in separate cpk files, this way we can update them separately, and also you can use other packs by replacing the cpk file.
other graphic options and start screens are available as optional add-ons.

sound files are big in size, so all are available as a separate addon, you can choose whether to add them or not.

Addons and Sider
we regularly make and share optional addons for the patch, check the addons for new or updated features. many other smaller features are already included in the patch.
it is still undecided to make a compatible version of sider for smoke patch 18, but we may do so depending on the number of users for this patch.



1- Extract patch files
get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders, and be sure you do not get any errors.

2- Run (smokepatch18.1.0.exe)
run the installer and choose the game installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors, and that the installer finished successfully.

3- Install patch update
get the latest patch update (if available), only install the latest update because it will include any needed previous updates for the patch.

or see video TUTORIAL

- the installer will upgrade any existing smokepatch version installed previously
- changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
SmokePatch tested on the full original game version
- SmokePatch does not include the game itself.

+ Download Links

version 18.1.0
all in one (2.2GB)
part 1
part 2
part 3

update 18.1.5 (1.2GB)
part 1

part 2

archive (older versions) available here

Recommended Optional Addons:

SP18 Mega Facepack
SP18 mega face pack
SP18 adboards
SP18 ad-boards
SP18 Chants and Anthems
SP18 Chants and Anthems


  1. I am amazed at the patch. Congratulations. When I saw the list of players, I was shocked. Great job.

    Will you update the DT's list? I am especially interested in Celta de Vigo (Fran Escribá), who I can't edit. Thank you.

  2. Thanks bro smoke patch is the best ever. . .

  3. Respect for hard work and effort. Thanks for hole smoke team. The best patch for pes 2018!
    When we can expect patch for pes 2020? If You can please add turfs from pes 18 smoke patch. The most beautiful turfs I've ever seen in pes.

  4. I've played a master league with the arsenal and it already works.
    Good job!!

  5. SmokePatch18 18.1.3 cd leganes bug does not enter infinity loading fix

  6. nice patch, thanks for smoketeam patch

  7. I installed 18.1.0 + 18.1.3, but the game was stuck at loading page, can not play game.
    Pls. advice me how to solve this problem.

    1. reinstall the patch, be sure to select the correct game version you have in the installer and run installer as admin

  8. thank you...God bless you with more ability.

  9. Hello, I have already installed the game and download folder is empty. should I install data pack files to download folder not ?

    1. no need, just basic game, full patch and patch update

  10. Please fix tammy Abraham's face

    1. tammy Abraham's chelsea that's correct no bug

  11. hey bro I cant find the edit file for trans ??
    any help

    1. Is installed in the save folder of the game
      A backup also on the download folder of the game

  12. This game is the best pes ever, the 2019 and 2020 are games scrips. Please Smoke you dont leave of update this game please!!!

  13. stuck when game tips loading... how to fix it

    1. this is probably caused by something you did
      reinstall the patch and the update following the instructions

  14. Did I do something wrong or the patch doesnt have specific adboards for every competition?

  15. I just waiting for 18.1.5 hehe ,maybe.
    . u will release new patch for P18

  16. how to continue master league saves from another patch(PTE) without begin a new master league?

    1. Sorry smokepatch have it’s own database that wouldn’t work with master leagues not started with smokepatch

  17. do I need to start a new ml with this update? (implying I have 18.1.4 installed)

  18. When I choose a team from other European leagues, the game is loaded and the remaining tips are not a problem in other leagues How can I fix

  19. i just want allianz arena in game how delete other stadium please help me
    thanks you

  20. How can i add turkish super league to 2018 ? any ideas?

  21. thaks for updates, this is the best pes!!!