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SP21 compatibility fix for DLC7 (steam game)

SmokePatch21 (for pes 2021)
compatibility with new game version

* steam version compatibility fix with new game version
* for the steam original full game only
* do not use this with non-original game

a new game version was released earlier this morning, this usually deactivates the patch and runs the default game only, a temporary fix is required to make the SP21 work with the new DLC.

this is not needed for the copy game, as it is not affected by the game automatic updates and can continue normally

this is a compatibility fix only, no updates or changes applied in the database or graphics yet, the new contents will be merged with our new contents and database when a new version of smokepatch21 v3 is released, new faces will be added in a new update for the face pack.


1. download and extract the compatibility package

2. copy (download) folder inside the game folder (replace the 3 files when asked)

3. copy and replace the modified edit file in the (save folder) of the game

dlc3 fix installation
do not use this for the copy game, it will cause crashes.

download links are available at the main SP21 V3 page.

this is not needed for SP21 version 21.3.6 or newer