Announcement: SP Football Life 2023

SP Football Life 2023

Hello and welcome to smokepatch

Football Life is our attempt to continue the offline modes of the retired PES series, football life is a heavily moded standalone football game made solely for offline modes. No online capabilities nor does it require connections, online gaming cannot be played or accessed, for online gaming we recommend efootball.

Football life does not require any assets and will include all our heavily moded assets, based on the fox engine of PES21 (fox engine powered PES 18/19/20/21), graphics of older PES series can mostly be adapted to football life and many features will be available as optional add-ons. game is detached from the pes series and uses the smokepatch database, graphics, gameplay, and scripts.

Expected Main Features:

- Simple one-step installer and run procedures.
- Game text language is in English only, other languages might be available in future versions, and all commentaries languages can be added from addons.
- no game is needed, FL includes enhanced and upgraded assets covering almost all aspects.
- special sider included in football life, including minimum add-ons, can add more from the addons menu, and the game can run with or without the sider.
- free to play any offline mode, we choose advertisements and sponsorship to keep our work shared for free for everybody.

Details and many other features will be announced on the smokepatch website as soon as they are confirmed. Previews and other videos will be shared on our YouTube channel as well.

Expected System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 (64 bit)
Intel Core i5-3470, AMD FX 4350
NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon R9 270X
DirectX 11.0
20 GB hard disk space (estimated)
1280 x 720  resolution (4K recommended)

* basically, any system that can run PES2018 or newer.


Various add-ons (sider and cpk) will be included, but to keep the download size small, many features will be available as separate optional downloads, similar to our usual routine in smokepatch, however, there will be differences and enhancements to the whole system.

Old Games

as we move towards the future, smokepatch for older PES games will probably not receive any further updates, as we cannot keep support for older versions due to insufficient resources and the games themselves are not available to buy anymore, it is not sustainable to make contents for a retired series of games.

all our previous files, contents, archive, and patches will be available on the smokepatch website.

SP Website and contact:

smokepatch website will undergo changes to adapt to our upcoming new content, although we post on social media most of our new content and add-ons, we only check feedback from the smokepatch website or by official email

Release Date:

Football Life is expected to be available on the smokepatch website in late October 2022, beta version may be available earlier for official reviews only.

most addons will follow the main release, more details at later announcements.


All constructive comments are welcomed, be aware that comments might be removed for any of the reasons below:

X - if the answer is in the article (do not comment on a page without reading it)
X - reports that have already been addressed (check previous feedback)
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for special cases or collaboration please contact us via email.